Mr. Liang Keming Sentenced to Three More Years in Prison After Serving Seven Year Sentence for Practising Falun Gong

On April 28th, 2010, Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Liang Keming from Loudi City, Hunan Province, was sentenced to three years in prison. He is now detained in Jinshi Prison in Changde. Mr. Liang had previously been sentenced to seven years because he practised Falun Gong. After he was released he was arrested again. Before being sentenced to prison, he was detained for eleven months at the No. 1 Detention Centre in Loudi City. He was fed only brine with several pieces of radish, and was forced to work long hours.

Deceived by National Security Bureau

At around 8:00 p.m. on June 25th, 2009, after a customer got out of Liang Keming's taxi, two plainclothes policemen got into the taxi, and told him to go to the National Security Bureau in Louxing District, the former Louxing District Police Branch. Liang Keming drove there, but after arriving at the gate, two police cars blocked his car, and the police arrested him, and took him into the National Security Bureau.

Officers from the National Security Team ordered Liang Keming to sign some materials, but he tore them up. His taxi was impounded, but Mr. Liang's family argued with the police, and managed to take the taxi back. Liang Keming was detained at the No. 1 Detention Centre in Loudi City.

Mr. Liang Keming's wife went to National Security Team in Louxing District on July 2nd to ask for his release, but was ignored. On July 7th, his mother, who was in her eighties, went there again, but Lan Lin, the team leader, a persecutor in his forties, refused to meet with her.

Diseases Gone after Practising Falun Gong, only to be Detained for Seven Years

Mr. Liang Keming, in his forties, once suffered from cirrhosis. Without any medical help, he studied Falun Gong beginning in 1996, and was cured. Liang Keming and his wife took turns driving a taxi.

After the persecution of Falun Gong began, initiated by Jiang Zemin, [former leader of China and instigator of the persecution] on July 20th, 1999, Liang Keming was arrested and detained many times by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He was detained most of the past ten years, and his family was drained of all their savings.

Mr. Liang did the Falun Gong exercises in February 2001. He was told to stop and his music player was confiscated. He said, "You interfered with my freedom to practise, I will go to appeal!" The police were afraid of him appealing, and arrested him that very night, after breaking into his home. They fabricated some charges, and sentenced him to seven years. Without relaying the judgement to his family, they secretly detained him in Jinshi City Prison in Changde, Hunan Province. In February 2008, he was released. At that time he was very thin from the torture.

Again Sentenced to Three Years on Fabricated Charges

The Intermediate Court of Louxing District, Loudi City, put Liang Keming on trial at 3:30 p.m. on October 13th, 2009. His wife received the phone call notice at around 11:00 a.m. on October 13th, notifying her that he would be put on trial that very afternoon. The presiding judge was Yang Guikui, the jury included Tan Xiaogui and Tan Jinmei, and the recorder was Jin Xuecen.

Liang Keming cultivated to be a good person, and there is no evidence that he had hurt others, so the court could not publicise the sentence, and secretly sentenced him to a three-year term. On April 28th, 2010, he was incarcerated at Jinshi Prison in Changde, Hunan Province.

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