Victims of Persecution

In Jiang Zemin’s campaign against Falun Gong, nobody has been spared. It has affected all ages, all social and economic classes and all parts of the country.

Critical Situation of Women

The torture, imprisonment and ill-treatment of women has become unrestrained in nature as the brutal treatment is fully supported by those who ordered the crackdown. All means necessary are being used to “transform” or eradicate them. In the notorious Masanjia “Labour” Camp, 18 female practitioners were stripped naked and forced into the male convict cells at night. The guards at this camp are given bonuses and awards for their high “transformation” rates. In Heizuizi “Labour” Camp, women are terrorized by being tied to the tables of the corpses in the morgue. Psychiatric abuses in mental hospitals, use of electric batons, rape, parading in the streets, forced abortions, forced feeding, beatings and other inhumane treatments have become commonplace.

Elderly Beaten and Deprived of their Pensions

Elderly Falun Gong practitioners who have devoted themselves to the service of their country are deprived of their pensions in their old age. Old men and women are also languishing in the labour camps for refusing to renounce their beliefs.

Babies and Children

The torture and killing of 7 month old baby Meng and his mother were shocking and showed that no inhuman behaviour is beyond those carrying out the persecution. For further details of this tragic story, please refer to are denied education for wanting to believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance and young people are forced by their teachers against their will to sign petitions against Falun Gong in order to fulfill government quotas.

Disabled people

The disabled are not even spared in the frenzy of violence and hatred. Please refer to the killing of disabled practitioner, Zhang Shengfan, at
Others have been blinded, made deaf or made disabled as a result of torture and beatings. For further information, please refer to for the updated death list and for documentation of the victims, please refer to

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