Emory Amnesty Initiates Valentine's Day Signature Collecting Campaign to Rescue Charles Li and Zhou Xuefei

On the evening of February 12, 2003, on the campus of the US's famous Emory University, students dedicated to Valentine's Day in a special way -- maintaining human rights, freedom and universal love -- dedicated roses to Falun Gong practitioner and US citizen Charles Li and Atlanta resident's wife Zhou Xuefei, who are imprisoned in China for their beliefs. They are detained by the Chinese government because they will not give up their practise of Falun Gong and their belief in "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance."

Emory Amnesty organised a signature collecting campaign on Valentine's Day and received sincere support and a warm response from students.

One western student asked after signing his name, "My roommate would also like to sign the petition? We read the news of Charles Li in the newspaper and we are all willing to help."

A student association representative asked, "What is the recent situation of Zhou Xuefei? Colleges and universities in Georgia are all very concerned about this matter and jointly initiated a rescue effort. We hope she can reunite with her husband in Atlanta soon!"

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