Australia: Letter From Prime Minister's Office about the persecution of Falun Gong in China

Dear Mr. Yan

Thank you for your letter of 19 October 2002 to the Prime Minister regarding your sister's detention in China. I am replying on behalf of the Prime Minister. I apologize for the delay in replying.

The government is concerned by China's approach towards followers of Falun Gong and understands the disress of those whose family or friends who are in detention in China. We express these concerns clearly and regularly to senior Chinese officials and government representatives.

I understand you have also written to the Foreign Minister, the Hon. Alexander Downer MP, about your sister's case. As Mr. Downer's department has the most experience and expertise in dealing with such issues, it is in the best position to help you and your family. You will receive a more detailed response from him.

Please be assured that Australia will continue to urge China to improve its approach to the Falun Gong at every appropriate opportunity.

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.

Yours sincerely.

Assistant Secretary
Asia, Americas and Trade
29 November 2002

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