Ukraine Practitioners Ask U.S. President to Rescue Charles Li

Dear Mr. President,

We, the citizens of Ukraine and practitioners of Falun Dafa, are writing to you in regard with an arrest of U.S. citizen Charles Li (Li Xiangchun).

The Chinese Embassy in the U.S. provided Charles Li with a travel visa. However, when he arrived in China for a visit with his relatives residing in Guangzhou, he was arrested at the airport, without any legal basis for such action.

The sole purpose for Charles' apprehension is his involvement with Falun Dafa, since Chinese authorities deprived him of freedom blaming him for being a political offender.

Charles Li has defended a doctor's dissertation and worked as a research scientist at the main campus of Harvard University, in the state of Massachusetts.

Practitioners of Falun Dafa, which teaches three main principles of Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance, are honest and kind people. They do not intervene in politics, are not striving for wealth and power, and think of others prior to each action they take.

In Ukraine, we also commonly experience pressure and interference from the Chinese Government. The Chinese Embassy is spreading lies to all the entities of the Government and information media, it deceives people about the true nature of Falun Dafa as well as its founder Mr. Li Hongzhi, in order to justify the repression and the murder of innocent, peaceful, law-abiding citizens of its country.

Even if an ordinary person were to commit an evil act, such as the crime of murder, he (she) would inevitably try to conceal his (her) actions, in order to escape the punishment. However, what is currently taking place in China far surpasses the limits of a single act of murder.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are asking you to side with justice, basic human rights, and freedom. In the name of an innocent citizen of your country, we ask that you kindly take immediate action, allowing him to come home to the U.S. as soon as possible.


Falun Dafa Practitioners from the Ukraine

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