The Shining Light of Dafa Eliminates All Darkness

I am a relatively new practitioner. Today I would like to share the cultivation experiences of myself and my family members.

I have two sons, the eldest is 26 and the younger is 21. Before obtaining the Fa, I had been searching for the meaning of life, and I thought the reason for me to come to this world should not be just for a busy daily life, or watching people around me fighting for their painful personal interests. I felt very distant from and different to them. From the bottom of my heart, I knew there was a deeper meaning to life, and must be something which could answer my endless problems.

Since then, I’ve been looking for answers. Having had some "spiritual" experiences, I knew about the existence of other time-spaces and beings. During the process of finding the answers, my family members were also involved. But soon enough, I realised that these experiences could not satisfy my quest for the truth and only increased my curiosity and meanwhile enlarged my ego. I knew that was not the right road, but I was reluctant to give up those experiences at that time. Master with his infinite mercy helped me and gave me a chance to think. Via my eldest son, I obtained the book Zhuan Falun.

At the beginning, when I saw my eldest son reading the book so steadily and frequently, I was actually very worried about this, especially when I saw my younger son also only reading the “blue-colour cover” book like his brother. Both my husband and I felt very worried, afraid their minds were drugged by a preaching, plus they expressed their understandings in a tougher attitude, therefore the atmosphere within the family was very tense. At the time, our minds were not open to each other, did not trust each other, and almost reached breaking point. To cut a long story short, the interference was tremendous in order to prevent our family from obtaining the Fa. However, I noticed the changes in my sons, they became calmer and more confident, and I knew I should change my rigid way of thinking and let go of fear and anxiety. So my husband and I started reading the book.

However, with the increase in studying the Fa, our individual attachments, which made us argue with each other in the family, became even more obvious, but different from before. Master's Fa-teachings give us strength, let us not only be able to be calm in the face of these problems but also bear our responsibilities. We started to practise the exercises together.

To understand what the concept of one-body is, we needed to step out from our small family circle. My husband and my younger son suggested going to our nearest practice site to get to know other practitioners. In fact, the nearest practice site is over two hundred kilometres away from my house. Since then, we participated in truth clarification activities organised by other practitioners. Later on we established a practice site in our own city. With the increase in Fa-study, we continuously increased our understanding of the importance of doing the three things well, especially the importance of clarifying the truth, so we naturally began to get involved in working for the Italian Yuanming website, and then participated in working for Italian Epoch Times.

We realised the importance and power of group Fa-study after attending a group Fa-study, so we decided to have a daily group Fa-study with our four family members, apart from individual Fa-study. The daily Fa-study and sharing within our family members as well as with other practitioners made us understand that, only Fa -study can produce righteous thoughts and help us deal with all problems using a cultivator’s mindset.

Fa-study can help us remember who we are, the meaning of life, and our historic mission. Fa-study makes us realise the sanctity of the things we are doing, and the meaning of things around us, as well as the importance of each single thought in our daily lives. We understood that things around us and changes in circumstances are from a direct relationship with our improvement, and we are learning not to judge others. Fa-study can help us find our attachments, get rid of them, and return to our true selves. Fa-study can help us see the truth, and get out of confusion. The shining light of Dafa can eliminate all darkness; the whole world needs Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance.

The above are our understandings, the cultivation experiences of our family members so far, we deeply believe that we can enrich our cultivation experiences through sharing, and it is also for validating the Fa. Our whole family deeply gives thanks to Master’s merciful and laborious salvation. Thank you fellow practitioners. Let us be diligent together!

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