Chinese Tourists in Europe: “We Have No Desire to Return to China!”

One of the hottest topics among Chinese tourists in Europe this year has been China's ubiquitous fog and haze. These visitors often talk about how clean and clear the air is in Europe, compared to mainland China.

"This ever-present fog and haze seems to be limited only to China!” exclaimed one Chinese tourist. Another member of his tour group said, “Our air is so toxic that we have no desire to return to China!”

"As soon as we left the mainland, we felt as if we had just stepped out of the depths of Hell,” lamented a tourist from Beijing. He, along with other members of his group, cursed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and blamed it for the country's life-threatening air pollution.

A few tourists asked a volunteer of the Quit the CCP Service Centre for advice. This centre was established to give Chinese people an opportunity to separate themselves from the CCP and its violent crimes against humanity, such as the persecution and forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners.

After the volunteer told the tourists about the Chinese regime's ongoing persecution of Falun Gong, the whole group quit the Communist Party and its affiliated youth leagues. They said that they wanted to save themselves when Heaven casts the CCP, and all who belong to its ranks, down to Hell.

"I believe what you say!" exclaimed one Chinese man. "I will worship the Buddha and ask for his blessings.” Several elderly Chinese also said: “This is the solution we've been looking for! Thank you, Falun Gong, for saving us!"

Within two hours, 76 people quit the CCP. They all profusely thanked the volunteers of the Quit the CCP Service Centre.

Beijing Manager: “Since There’s a Way Out, Why Not Take It?”
A group of tourists from Beijing complained about the ever-present haze hanging over Beijing. The more they talked about it, the angrier they got. In the end, they blamed the CCP for bringing this calamity to the country and its people.

A man in his 60s told a volunteer that he is a manager of a state-owned enterprise.

“Not only is Beijing’s air very polluted,” he explained, “but people’s air passages are constricted and their throats are uncomfortable, too. The quality of life is very poor there, but there’s nothing that we can do!

“We all want to leave Beijing, but the only option open to us is moving to the countryside. However, in time, the countryside, too, will fall victim to China's burgeoning air pollution problem.

“We are tired of living like this! The CCP only allows you to work for them, to be their slave; it does not allow you to speak your mind. If you speak out, it will really give you a hard time!

“So, the regime forces you to turn a blind eye to the injustice; they force you not to care about anything except your own self-interests. That's why people only care about themselves, and about living their own lives.”

“We are in such a bad situation,” added an elderly Chinese tourist. “All we want to do is find a place to live where the air quality is good. We want to leave Beijing, where the air smells like rotting fish. It's very unpleasant, and it is also difficult to breathe!”

Another tourist said: “I moved to my son’s home in Shunyi District, about 18 miles outside of Beijing. I wouldn't dare to live in the city! However, the air that we breathe there is still not so great. We have some savings, but many people are not as lucky. Millions of people are stuck in Beijing. Isn’t this like living in Hell?”

The volunteer replied, “Beijing residents are truly suffering.”

“That’s right!” added another man. “The food is unsafe to eat, the water is unsafe to drink, and the air is unsafe to breathe. I really don't want to live like this! We are enshrouded in a haze that is getting worse and worse. Perhaps it will never go away!”

An elderly tourist sighed: “Not only do the common people in China live miserable lives, but they cannot speak out against the injustices perpetrated against them by the state. When you listen to the state-run news stations, you wonder if what they are saying is true or false!

“So, the only option that we have available to us is to treat the news as if it was a passing breeze. We don't say anything, nor do we care about anything. We've lost hope of things getting better.

“We know that what we eat and drink is toxic to our bodies, which directly affects the quality of our lives. That's why we only focus on making it through the day. We have no money, no power, and no way out! In effect, we're all just waiting to die!”

“Isn’t this the result of those in power?” asked the volunteer. “It’s all related to the CCP’s evildoings. When has the Party ever concerned itself with how people feel? Never.”

“Why aren’t other countries like China?” asked another tourist. “Don’t the Communist Party members have to breathe the same air that we common folks do? Where can they buy fresh, unpolluted air? That’s why they're all leaving China in droves!”

The volunteer said: “Nowadays, it’s impossible to count on the regime to take care of your needs or to protect your property and life. In fact, all these disasters stem from the CCP, as it is truly the source of all evil.

“However, you can protect yourselves by quitting the Party. If you believe in Buddha and seek his blessings, the toxic water, air, and food won’t affect you, and neither will any catastrophes.”

“Now, shall I give you all pseudonyms to quit the Party?” asked the volunteer. The whole group replied, “Yes!”

The manager of a state-owned enterprise said: “Since there’s a way out, why not take it? We trust you, so we will take your advice.”

Another person came up to the volunteer and said: “Thank you and thank Falun Gong! You have just saved us!”

Dalian Tourist: “Today, We Have Met a Good Person!”
A volunteer chatted with three tourists from Dalian City about the case of Bo Xilai, a high-ranking CCP official who was relentless in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and was recently convicted of corruption in a show-trial in China.

“I think Bo is a pretty good guy,”said a young man. The volunteer asked: “Which aspect of his character is good? Do you know about his crime of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners?”

The volunteer continued: “While Bo was in office, he had many forced labor camps built to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. In addition, he and his wife, Gu Kailai, were involved in human organ trafficking and made over a billion dollars in illicit profits, which they deposited abroad. Do you know about these things?”

The young man realized that he had been clueless as to who Bo really was and what he had done.

The volunteer continued: “Remember, every man’s actions are being recorded in Heaven. Although the CCP hid Bo’s most heinous crimes during his trial--because they were afraid that they, too, would be implicated--in the end, good and evil will receive just rewards.

“Think about it, could a regime this evil escape karmic retribution? Only by quitting the Party can you protect yourself. When the day of reckoning arrives, even if you want to quit, it’ll be too late. Maybe you haven't realized that the greatest crime against humanity is taking place right under your nose, in your hometown!

“The CCP harms people every day and works overtime to cover up its crimes. It deceives people like you into believing in the CCP. In the end, its members will go down with it when Heaven destroys it. At that time, won’t you feel cheated if you are one of those members?”

One tourist in the group said, “If all of this is true, we should quit the CCP immediately!” The other two men also agreed to quit. All three expressed their gratitude to the volunteer and Falun Gong. One of them said, “Today, we have met a good person!”

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