United States: Practitioners from North and South Carolina Hold Experience-Sharing Conference

On May 11, some practitioners from North and South Carolina gathered in the biggest city in North Carolina--Charlotte--to hold an experience sharing conference to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day. Our purpose was that through the conference, practitioners could exchange understandings on the Fa [Principles of Falun Dafa contained mainly in the book Zhuan Falun] and learn from each other so that we could improve together.

Returning from the New York Fa conference, practitioners were greatly moved. We seriously examined ourselves for where we did not do well enough or did not eliminate attachments that had been held for a long time. We realised that the Fa is solemn, sacred and merciful, and that the Fa also has a standard. We need to safeguard what is upright. So how we rectify ourselves through cultivation is very important.

When preparing articles for presentation at the Fa conference, in the beginning, many practitioners shared the state of mind that they had not cultivated well and could not write articles that could inspire fellow practitioners. Some other practitioners looked within and found too many attachments, so they were reluctant to write down their experiences and understanding. Two days prior to Fa conference, there were only a few articles ready. Since holding Fa conferences is our common wish, though practitioners met with various types of interference when preparing articles, as Dafa practitioners, we should be responsible to ourselves and to the Fa. We encouraged each other and carefully prepared the articles.

The Fa conference began in a solemn and peaceful atmosphere. The practitioners sincerely examined their shortcomings in cultivation, and practitioners present were deeply moved. We were immersed in a peaceful and compassionate atmosphere. Several practitioners who did not prepare articles also got on the stage to give speeches. At the Fa conference, the practitioners broke through many old notions, and talked about many weak points in cultivation for a long time as well as bad thoughts that have long interfered with them. The practitioners felt that they learnt a lot from each other.

Before the conclusion of the Fa conference, two Western practitioners showed photos they compiled of practitioners' Fa study and exercises and scenes of practitioners' introducing the Fa to people one after another while accompanied by music.

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