UK: Thousands of People Learn about Bringing Jiang to Justice at the Edinburgh Chinese Consulate

On the 28th and 29th of June, practitioners from Scotland gathered in Edinburgh to peacefully appeal in front of the Chinese Consulate. During these two days a well-known pop singer was performing in a stadium just behind the Consulate and there were 55,000 people passing by the Consulate on their way to the concert each day. Scottish practitioners therefore took the opportunity to expose the brutality in Jiang Zemin’s persecution of innocent Falun Gong practitioners.

Banners were hung on the main road in full view of the Chinese consulate and the constant stream of traffic. Meanwhile, practitioners demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises. The attention given by the public to the Falun Dafa appeal showed that many people are eager to support bringing the dictator Jiang to justice. People studied what was written on the banners closely, even reading the sentence out loudly: "Support the lawsuits against Chinese dictator for genocide!" Several people approached us directly, asking for leaflets and signing the petition. One man asked his girl friend to sign the petition after he had- “Sign it,” he said, "It is worth it! Do you see this banner? Chinese dictator commits genocide." Another man, who tried to pull his girlfriend away, suddenly changed his mind and eagerly signed after she said, “Look what’s happening in China!” One man asked for a petition sheet and said that he would get his friends to sign it too.

Two people saw our banners and, after taking leaflets and signing the petition, they said that they would attend Falun Gong classes and they liked the principles of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. One lady was heard telling her friends about the persecution of Falun Gong showing that she already knew what is happening in China. Some showed their support by joining in the exercises and the meditation or just by wishing us well and two young lads, in traditional Scottish manner, welcomed visitors and Falun Gong alike with a medley on the bagpipes. Altogether, over 100,000 people came to the concert and practitioners made sure that whoever passed by got the message: “Bring Jiang Zemin to justice for Genocide.”

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