Criminals are Treated Better than Practitioners in Inner Mongolian Detention Centre

The Abuses in Manzhouli Detention Centre

[Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region]

Manzhouli Detention Centre of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region had very bad living conditions. There was only one bed, about 1.8 meters by 4 meters, in each cell, which was little more than ten square meters. In each cell live about twelve to fourteen inmates. Each male cell had only one Falun Dafa practitioner and all others were criminals. One meal per day was provided, dark flour dough bread (less than 200 grams) with some dark, dirty vegetable soup. Dirt and small insects could always be found in the food. The nutrition was insufficient. The criminals were allowed to get the food from their families outside of the jails, while the practitioners were not allowed to. Practitioners were not allowed to do their exercises, and were watched by their criminal inmates all the time. Because they did the exercises of Falun Dafa in prison, two female practitioners were forced to wear instruments of torture that are reserved only for criminals who committed felonies.


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