Looking at the Change in the Name of the 610 Office

Changing the name of the 610 Office is an attempt to hide the sordid history of a Gestapo-like organisation which has worked above the law with the sole intention of persecuting Falun Gong. Its new name, “Purge the Evil Cult Office.” is also a calculated attempt by the Jiang regime to discourage Falun Gong practitioners from exposing its crimes for fear that the negative label may stick in the minds of the people from whom they seek support. The fact that Jiang has changed the name is an indication that he is truly terrified that the nature of the 610 Office is becoming known to the people of the world. Since the creation of the 610 Office back in 1999, its evil nature has gradually been uncovered and been more and more widely exposed. The 610 Office is the embodiment of the nature of Jiang’s personal crusade against Falun Gong– a body with absolute power over other organisations, working above the law, created entirely for the purposes of persecuting Falun Gong. As long as it remained hidden, this devastating weapon could be used at will by Jiang to crush the spirit and beliefs of those who practiced Falun Gong. But the more of the nature and structure of the 610 Office is exposed, the more it serves as part of the most damning evidence of Jiang’s personal campaign of persecution.

Jiang’s crusade against Falun Gong went against the constitution of China and the laws of China, and against the will the Politburo and many high ranking officials within the Chinese Communist party. To carry out his insane policy of persecution, he had to create an organisation which operated above the law, with absolute power over every single level of government and administration within China. The existence and form of the 610 Office are a direct reflection of a persecution initiated and controlled by one man against the laws and will of a nation, which have forced and deceived a huge number of people to join the persecution of innocent fellow countrymen. The 610 Office is the administrative manifestation of Jiang’s persecution of Falun Gong. Recent lawsuits have not only targeted Jiang Zemin for Genocide, but have also specifically targeted Luo Gan and the 610 Office he heads. As the nature of the 610 Office has become more widely exposed, and as more and more lawsuits are filed, Jiang and his aides are desperately trying to cover their tracks.

The Persecution has always relied heavily upon slander about the nature of Falun Gong, and at the beginning of the persecution, when nobody knew anything about Falun Gong, in the absence of the facts, a lot of people around the world believed the propaganda from China. At first it was difficult to expose the reality of the persecution precisely due to the label “evil cult” which had been used by the Jiang regime against Falun Gong. But over time, as more and more people have come to know about Falun Gong, the slander has become less and less effective and few people listen to the lies of the Jiang regime anymore. Even so, the image of an evil cult is an emotive one, and a difficult image and label to remove from people’s minds once the accusation has been made. The Jiang regime have used this label precisely because of it’s emotive nature. They are also aware that outside of China, the traditional Qigong practices like Falun Gong are not so well understood by westerners, so they can manipulate people’e fears through their ignorance. The renaming of the 610 Office is in part, an attempt to make things difficult for Falun Gong practitioners to expose the crimes of the 610 Office without bringing up the slanderous label of “evil cult”, hoping that as the saying goes “sling enough mud and some will stick”.

In fact, there has never been a more bitterly ironic name for such an organisation. If it weren’t for the fact that it was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people and the daily torture of thousands more, for the 610 Office to be labelled “Purge the Evil Cult Office” would be quite funny. Which is the real evil cult?! Falun Gong is a form of meditation and exercise, following countless years of tradition, with peaceful, gentle, flowing exercises which are calming, relaxing and energising. Without rituals, membership, donations, or creeds, it is about as far from a cult as you can get. As for “evil” – it can’t be evil to emphasise improving moral standards and cultivating the qualities of truthfulness, kindness and tolerance. But if we look at the 610 Office, then it is much closer to fulfilling the criteria for being evil and being a cult.

Cults typically brainwash their victims, use various forms of coercion and deception to indoctrinate the innocent with their doctrines under a totalitarian system. Although we are not suggesting that the 610 Office is a cult in the strictest sense, it certainly shares many of these frightening characteristics, systematically arranging the brainwashing of tens if not hundreds of thousands of people to turn them against Falun Gong, using violence, deception and all means of coercion to bend people’s minds and spirit to conform to its doctrine of lies and slander. For those unwilling to conform to its doctrines, they are forced into brainwashing and penalised. For those who follow its deceit and lies come rewards and safety. The hierarchical system offers no accountability to those higher up. As for whether the 610 Office is evil or not, that is surely beyond debate. If an organisation which deliberately seeks to promote torture, murder and violence, even going to great lengths to arrange exchange of information about the most effective methods of torture is not evil, then what could be described as evil?

The renaming of the 610 Office will not have any effect on the exposing of its crimes to the world. It remains the same organisation, responsible for the same crimes. Whichever name it is given, Falun Gong practitioners can use either at will – if we wish to use 610 Office we shall. If we wish to use the new name, “Purge the Evil Cult Office” then this is nothing for us to be frightened of. It is an opportunity to talk about and expose even more clearly how the propaganda campaign and slander of Falun Gong are an integral part of Jiang’s persecution. It is an opportunity to reveal how the cynical calculated slander has tried to poison the rest of the world, and deviously encouraged other nations to adopt a passive stance. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the nature of a genocide which has not simply persecuted a group of people through violence and torture, but which has attempted to deceive a whole nation into persecuting 100 million of their own countrymen.

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