With Compassion, Hurrying to Explain the Facts With Our Media (European Fa Conference 2003, Berlin)

For a long time I had felt that the best way to clarify the truth and save people was to do it directly face to face through passing out materials, collecting signatures etc. I would even think working with websites, radio and TV was a waste of time. But now after I have gained a deeper understanding I have totally changed my view. Through being a part of the Radio program “Falun Gong time” ( A weekly program transmitted in Sweden) it has been a process for me to really get an understanding of how important and precious our Dafa media is. We are often relying on ordinary people who we want to positively report on Dafa but we should also create and emphasize our own Dafa Media. I felt that when I read Master’s words in Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, November 30, 2002. ”You are the ones saving the ordinary people's society, and you are the ones saving sentient beings!”

When I speak on the radio program I have never really known how many people are listening. I sometimes thought: “What if there only are a few people or nobody who is listening to our radio program - then we have wasted our time.” But after I have got a deeper understanding I understood that no matter if there is only one listener or even nobody the radio program has anyway achieved the effect of exposing, restraining and eliminating evil. I think the evil is scared to death for our media, because our media does, on a regular basis, report news and articles that expose and eliminate the evil that persecutes Dafa practitioners. We are just sending the information that the evil wants to block from the outside world

When I read the second lecture in Zhuan Falun about the third eye I got the understanding that I have to see it from more dimensions when I clarify the truth and expose the evil. I felt directly that it was related to my shallow understanding when it came to clarifying the truth and exposing the evil. I thought that only what I saw with my own eyes had an effect. I understood that this radio program had a big effect in eliminating evil in other dimensions. The radio waves that our radio program sends out are surely a “thorn in the side” to the evil that persecute Dafa.

For me it has, all the time, been important to have an understanding of why the radio program is important because I know that if I send out thoughts of doubt and indifference when I talk in the radio program it will affect the environment. Through studying the Fa I have understood that matter and mind are the same thing. If I who broadcast the program having thoughts or feelings in my heart that this is not important and also feel doubt, how can the ordinary people think that the radio program is important and worth paying attention to?

I also looked inward to see if I had any weaknesses when in my attitude when I took part in the radio program broadcast. Why did I want that so many people to listen? Is it really because I have a compassion that wants to save people which makes me wish many people would listen? Or is it because my selfishness shall be satisfied, so that I feel that I do something important and extraordinary which raises my level? I discovered that I still have selfish parts that I have worked with lately to distinguish and gradually remove.

Lately we have also encouraged other practitioners to listen to our program . Through reading the experience sharing article ”Do Not Differentiate Between Fa-Rectification Projects; "A Great Way Has No Form" But Exists As a Whole *With Master's Comment* ” I understood how important it was that other practitioners listen to the program. I feel that only if practitioners as a whole body can understand and treasure the radio program this powerful field of righteous thoughts also affect other people and our environment.

To work with a radio program is also quite tough because we work with set routines. But what it does to expose and eliminate the evil I think is far more than we can imagine. Sometimes when I have read articles from Clearharmony and from other media I have surely felt the power, some sort of energy-it is difficult to describe, in the articles that expose and eliminate the evil . To work with Dafa media is often a routine but what it does to expose and eliminate the evil is more than what we can understand.

We have had this radio program Falun Gong Time for more than one and a half years. Time has passed by so quickly and I feel that the radio program is only becoming better and better. Of course, how well the program is doing and its effect in clarifying the truth is, I think, directly related to how well we study the Fa, the height of our character and what kind of understanding Dafa disciples as a whole body have about the radio program. I think that it would be wonderful if more Dafa practitioners in Europe could have a Falun Gong Time radio program at set times. Imagine what a powerful field that would be!

Finally, I would like to end our speech with a poem by Master.

Hurry Up and Tell Them

As Dafa disciples tell people the facts,
It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths,
Shredding apart the rotten demons' lies.
Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them.

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