Report from "Radio Free Asia": Falun Gong Practitioners Sue Jiang Zemin and his Accomplices in Germany

Falun Gong practitioners have filed an official lawsuit against former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Li Lanqing and Luo Gan for crimes of genocide and torture. Here is a summary of the radio coverage provided by Radio Free Asia’s German correspondent.

On November the 24th, German Falun Gong practitioners filed an official lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the German Federal Government against Jiang Zemin, who is the former Chinese President, Li Lanqing and Luo Gan. The defendants are being sued for committing crimes of torture and genocide against Falun Gong practitioners. At the same time the lawsuit was filed, the plaintiff's attorney and German human rights organisations held a joint press conference in Berlin. Ms. Zheng Zhihong, a legal scholar from China’s Zhejiang University, is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit. She provided the following report to us.

Regarding the press conference currently underway, Ms. Zheng Zhihong said, “This criminal charge is the second time that a lawsuit has been filed in Germany against the former Chinese President Jiang Zemin. When Jiang visited Germany in April 2002, German human rights organisations had already filed a lawsuit against him for torture and genocide. However, that lawsuit was withdrawn because Jiang was the Chinese President at that time, and was exempt from prosecution. This time the lawsuit has been filed according to the newly established German Criminal Code and the United Nations Anti-Genocide Convention”.

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