Canada: Practitioners' Enthusiasm and Beautiful Procession Bring Warmth and Cheer to Christmas Parade

Mississauga, Canada: On Sunday November 30th Falun Gong was once again proud to be part of the annual Mississauga Santa Claus Parade. This year, tens of thousands of people lined the streets in Mississauga, which is next to Toronto, to watch the over 60 floats and bands march through the beautiful city.

The Falun Dafa float was a spectacle of colour and sound. Some practitioners were dressed in gorgeous colourful costumes and danced to the beautiful music of "Falun Dafa Hao" playing from the float. Dozens of other practitioners who made up the drum team amazed the crowd with synchronized drumming. The Falun Dafa banners gleamed in the sunshine, as people from all ages waved and clapped from the crowd. Tens of thousands of people enjoyed the spirit and energy from the Falun Dafa practitioners' enthusiasm and warmth. The entire performance was broadcast live on local TV.

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