Germany: People Support Falun Gong During the Wagner Opera Festival

The famous annual Wagner Festival was held in Bayreuth, which is Wagner’s hometown. It was the 93rd anniversary of the Wagner Festival sponsored by the German Government, and the performers and audience were from various places around the world.

Though the city government insisted that no groups would be allowed to hold any activities during the Wagner Festival this year, the relevant government agencies’ position was altered after Dafa practitioners’ told them the facts about the Genocide that is happening in China. The city government changed their mind. After getting special permission from the city government, local practitioners held three activities to introduce Falun Dafa and expose the persecution. What’s more, the city government’s Department of Finance ended up waiving the venue rental fee altogether.

Practitioners displayed eighty pictures about Falun Gong and the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. After hearing that Falun Gong has been oppressed for five years, and that practitioners were planning to hold a photo exhibition, a wooden furniture manufacturer provided them with more than one hundred frames and stands free of charge.

After watching the pictures of the torture, some people said, “Why don’t you display these pictures at the entrance to the Opera Festival? Many people are very angry about the human right abuse and the abuse of the freedom of belief. It is beyond our imagination that this kind of thing is still happening nowadays.” As soon as they learned that Jiang’s regime hired gunmen to shoot at practitioners in South Africa and other atrocities, they signed the petition.

During the Wagner Festival, the practitioners distributed around 4,000 flyers about the shooting incident conducted by gunmen hired by the Jiang regime, to visitors from various countries. A lot of people said that they knew what happened in South Africa when they signed.

Receiving the flyers, plainclothes policemen at the Police Bureau of Bayreuth said, “This kind of thing would never be allowed to take place in Germany.”

Some people from former Communist countries said, “We know dictators very well. That’s the way they work, just like that.”

An elderly person who used to practise Yoga said: “It’s been a long time since I felt such a strong energy current; I have decided to practise Falun Gong from now on.”

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