Epoch Times: Police Force 9-Month-Pregnant Woman to Abort Her Baby

The Epoch Times -- Translated from the Chinese edition

It has been reported that in order to punish a young couple who practise Falun Gong, Lutai police station in Huaiyang county of Henan province in China conspired with the 610 office [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] and the Planned Parenthood Committee to force Wang Guijin, a 9-month pregnant wife, to abort her baby. Wang tried to escape, but was held by the police. It is reported that Wang is being detained at Henan Huaiyang County Planned Parenthood Technology station and is supervised by four policemen and is being held under 24-hour surveillance.

An Epoch Times reporter called the Planned Parenthood Committee, and a woman answered the call and said it was impossible to find Wang. The reporter asked whether Wang was forced to abort the baby. She said: "It should be somehow agreed to, or a forceful abortion cannot be done. They are all 'taking care' of her in turn." The reporter asked whether Wang is physically well. She said, "I cannot say she is good." Another staff person at the Planned Parenthood facility agreed that nine months is an inappropriate stage at which to have an abortion performed. The staff person was reluctant to say more about the incident.

According to a Falun Gong website, both Wang and her husband, Song Zhenling, practise Falun Gong and live in Huazhuang village of Henan province. Because they went to Beijing to peacefully and lawfully appeal against the crackdown on Falun Gong in 2000, they were arrested and later released after some of their family members handed over some money. The couple then lost their homes, and moved into a fellow practitioner's house. They were again arrested and sent to Huaiyang detention centre after the practitioner's home was confiscated in 2001. The couple went on a hunger strike, and were released 29 days later. They were continuously destitute and homeless, and made a living by selling bean curd in Dan city.

This February, Song was sent to Huaiyang county detention centre for the third time as Falun Gong books and a laptop were found at his residence. Song staged a hunger strike as a form of peaceful appeal for more than 200 days, and Wang for 22 days. Because their lives were in danger by the strikes, and the detention centre was afraid of being responsible, they released them.

One month after the couple was released, the county 610 Office and police department attempted to arrest the couple thinking they had recovered from the strikes. Police even sent Wang's father to prison for one year. He is now in Huaiyang detention centre.

Dai Zhengyun, chief director of Lutai police station, feared about Wang being persecuted after having a baby, and conspired with 610 Office, national security team and planned parenthood committee, and finally arrested Wang, who was nine months pregnant. She was then forced her into having an abortion.

Wang is still been held in Henan Huaiyang Planned Parenthood Technology Station.

Source: http://english.epochtimes.com/news/4-9-13/23208.html

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