Exposing the Misconduct of Overseas Chinese Embassies and Consulates

The Chinese have a saying that it is a heroic act to lend a helping hand when one encounters an injustice. Conversely, if one does not help when he or she sees someone in danger, or worse than that, if one joins in to aid the perpetrator for his or her own personal benefit, one would be regarded as a villain or an evil person. Moreover, if one commits an evil act against a kindhearted person, then he or she will be detested by all, because the evil action harms not only the victim, but also the fundamental moral principles of humankind.

It is well known that Falun Dafa practitioners are upright, honest, and moral people, standing out in contrast to the widespread corruption so prevalent in Chinese society today. The behaviour and actions of those who practise Falun Dafa have a positive effect on the people around them. They are a group of people who don't fight back when attacked, or talk back when insulted. Yet, these people are currently under persecution, being framed with false rumours and accusations. Some persecutors use the excuse of "following orders from higher authorities" to justify their actions, but they cannot escape personal responsibility for their misdeeds.

There are many people like those described above among the personnel at the Chinese Consulates in Australia. Beginning in 1999, the Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin led a campaign out of his own personal pettiness and jealousy to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Since then, the Chinese Consulate in Australia has openly intimidated practitioners, made telephone threats, harassed private residents, and destroyed personal property. They frequently reject practitioners' passport renewal requests, sometimes even confiscate their passports, and blacklist practitioners. They often pressure and threaten other organisations, governmental agencies, or local government functions that have any association with Falun Dafa. The Chinese Consulate, due to its involvement in the persecution of practitioners, was once recognised by Jiang's regime as a "progressive agency." Some of its staff members are very active in carrying out the evil persecution.

Falun Dafa practitioners conduct themselves according to the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Compassion encompasses resistance to evil acts. Therefore, from a historical point of view, to stop persecutors from persecuting others is a compassionate deed. In the long run, if we can end the persecution by exposing the evil acts of these people, and transform them into good and kind people, then our efforts will indeed be benevolent and the perpetrators will truly benefit from the positive and long-lasting impacts of our actions in their lives. Practitioners should not and will not tolerate the evil acts of those who persecute, for if they do, more kind people are going to be hurt and the perpetrators will incur more bad karma from their own wicked behaviour.

The Chinese are familiar with the ancient belief that there are spiritual beings a yard above our heads, meaning that spiritual beings are as numerous as the stars in the sky. It is believed that a person's every thought and action is recorded in the eternal history of the universe, like a record on film. Everything is accounted for. Therefore, every act of persecution that the perpetrators have carried out against the practitioners is recorded for all eternity.

When history turns a page, everyone's actions will be weighed on the scale of justice. Every individual must bear the responsibility for his or her actions, be they good or bad. We would like to remind those people who participate in the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners that "just doing your job" is not a valid excuse for your crimes, and those who ordered you to carry out the persecution cannot and will not take the responsibility or the blame for you. The persecutors always have the choice of whether or not to carry out a crime.

To reduce the accumulation of karma on the part of the perpetrators and to prevent more kind people from being hurt, I suggest that the Falun Dafa practitioners in Australia begin exposing these crimes by compiling the names, photographs and a list of the evil acts of those in the Chinese Consulate who are assisting in the persecution. We should also include the overseas special agents who adopt the technique of following and depriving practitioners of their basic rights. This is a highly effective and rational means to expose and stop the Chinese Consulates in Australia from continuing to harass innocent people.

In modern China, people have been brainwashed by the Communist Party for a very long time, and people generally have a low tendency toward believing in heaven. Instead, they ignore their moral conscience and sense of justice in pursuit of personal gains. Many people guard their reputation and personal benefit with their lives. To take positive advantage of the tendency to place excessive importance on reputation and personal gain, we should expose the persecutors of each of the local Consulates in their communities by assembling a "Compilation of Overseas Villains." It will be a very effective and powerful means to expose the injustice and to stop further persecution.

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