Ms. Yang Mingfen from Guangdong Province Dies After Years of Mistreatment and Abuse During the Persecution

On January 4, 2001, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yang Mingfen and several other practitioners from Maoming City, Guangzhou Province were arrested by police while painting "Falun Dafa Is Good" on the wall outside Maoming Estate. After being detained for two months, Ms. Yang was sentenced to one year in the Sansui Women's Forced Labour Camp. Under great pressure, she was forced to sign documents swearing to give up her belief. After returning home in October 2001, she realized through studying the Falun Dafa teachings that the so-called "transformation" she signed was wrong. She immediately wrote a letter to the Sanshui Women's Forced Labour Camp declaring that the words she wrote under forced brainwashing were null and void. Shortly thereafter, she was abducted by the Maoming City "610 Office" and illegally incarcerated in the Maoming Legal School. She was detained there until March 2004, when her family paid 5,000 yuan for her release. However, her health had deteriorated to such an extent due to the long period of brainwashing and tortures that she became bedridden until her death on October 26, 2004.

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