Innocent Practitioner Illegally Sentenced to 3 Years of Forced Labour Education

Under the leadership of Zhang Wei, the corrupt officials from the Inner Security Section of the Lanxi County Police Department in Heilongjiang Province have extorted a large amount of money from Falun Dafa practitioners who have gone to Beijing to appeal. They were extremely wicked and merciless and have abused the practitioners mentally and physically. Some practitioners were forced to leave their homes in order to avoid illegal arrest and torture.

Practitioner Song Chunyu, male, 28 years old, was arrested by the police because he went to Beijing several times to appeal. He was then illegally detained but twice he was able to escape. He wandered destitute in Mudanjiang and found a temporary job. Because he did some activities to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa, he was illegally arrested by the police from the Xi'an Police Station in Mudanjiang. They illegally interrogated him using torture, and did not allow him to eat anything for seven days. He had injuries all over his body from being beaten. The police then sent him to a hospital, but still would not release him. Song Chunyu is now being illegally held in the Sidaohe Forced Labour Camp in Mudanjiang and has been sentenced to 3 years of forced Labour education.


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