Businesswoman Feng Yang was Kidnapped in Beijing; UK Friends are Appealing to Rescue Her

Police in Beijing kidnapped Chinese businesswoman Ms. Feng Yang on the 1st of March. Feng Yang used to study in the UK and has close business links there. Yang’s friends in the UK are making an urgent appeal and calling for her immediate release.

Feng Yang was born in 1963 and is a Falun Gong practitioner from Beijing. Her home address is: 1-113, Jia Yi Building, Shuang Yu Shu Bei Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing. Police kidnapped her in the evening of the 1st of March. She was first brought to the local Shuang Yu Shu Police Station and was subsequently moved to the Hai Dian District Public Security Sub-Bureau. After her arrest, Feng Yang’s family demanded to see her, but police refused their request. Currently Feng Yang’s whereabouts is uncertain but it is thought that she is being detained in the Hai Dian Detention Centre in Beijing’s Qing He.

Feng Yang was in the Antiques business and, over the past ten years, her career saw her frequently travelling between the UK and China. She is a very warm and honest person and has many friends in the UK and Ireland antiques business. London resident Mrs Agnes Weldon treats Feng Yang as her own daughter. Whenever Feng Yang visits the UK she usually stays at her home.

In the morning of the 1st of March, Feng Yang called Mrs Weldon and told her that she planned to come to London. At 5:00 pm that day, Feng Yang’s younger brother called Mrs Weldon to inform her that Feng Yang would not come to London. Mrs Weldon felt a bit surprised and insisted to know the reason; she was told that Feng Yang had been taken away by the police. It was known then that police searched her home at 10:30 in the evening before she was taken away, together with her computer and other belongings. The police left her fourteen-year-old son alone at home, without informing Yang’s relatives. It was the child himself who called the relatives for help.

Feng Yang’s friends in the UK are calling on all kind-hearted people, governments and media to support their campaign to rescue Feng Yang.

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