Finland: Falun Dafa Was Introduced on the "Snow Castle" in Kemi City

On the Northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, the Snow Castle of Kemi is an example of the talent and skills of local architects and builders. Inside the towering walls of the Snow Castle, both children and adults can find unforgettable experiences. It’s a very popular sightseeing spot. Practitioners had been in contact with the organiser of the Snow Castle and the organiser had warmly welcomed practitioners to introduce Falun Gong to people and inform them about the brutal persecution happening in China.

It was snowing gently while practitioners demonstrated the exercises of Falun Gong on an ice stage. Many flyers were given out and people condemned the persecution openly. Many people were already aware of the injustice and brutality that Falun Gong practitioners have faced for the last six years. One lady said that she knows that this practice is good for people but still forbidden in China. A young boy was reading the information boards for a long time and he said that it’s wrong to persecute people who believe in Falun Gong.

Many tourists from different parts of the world also passed by and wanted to find out more. There was also a TV reporter who was filming footage for an upcoming documentary about Falun Gong. The document will be broadcasted to the whole of Finland.

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