Prisoners Protect Falun Dafa Practitioners after Learning the Truth about the Persecution

One time when we didn't pay enough attention to security, several Falun Dafa practitioners and I were arrested. Although we were not able to communicate with each other while detained, we all sent forth strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad elements. One policeman tried glaring at me to destroy my will. I kept sending righteous thoughts. After we stared at each other for some time, he backed off. The inexplicable power outages in the office building where we were detained made the policemen very nervous. They quickly sent us to detention centres, where we were further persecuted.

At the detention centre I was sent to, we faced the guards' interrogation and monitoring with righteous minds. At the same time, using intelligence and compassion, we clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to inmates while treating them with kindness. Gradually, they came to understand the truth. Even the inmates who previously had treated practitioners badly realised that they were wrong and showed a strong interest in Falun Dafa. One day, they wanted to learn the Falun Dafa exercises and asked me to demonstrate them. I had started an exercise but didn't see the approaching guard who was patrolling the cells. When the guard saw what I was doing, he angrily dashed into the cell brandishing a club. He tried to hit me but the other inmates blocked him, and another inmate was hit instead, which made the others angry. They jumped at the guard and drove him out of the cell.

During the whole incident, I was sending forth righteous thoughts. It was possible that the detention centre would now put more pressure on me and the inmates in my cell. But practitioners' righteous thoughts are very powerful. I was calm, fearless, and filled with righteous thoughts, rationality, and wisdom. I encouraged the inmates in my cell to come together and protest against the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Things settled down quickly. Nothing happened to us, but the detention centre penalised the guard.

This incident shocked the staff at the detention centre. Afterwards, many inmates used various ways to help practitioners. With Teacher's help, our righteous thoughts and actions, and the efforts of our families, one by one, we left the detention centre.

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