Germany: Practitioners were Invited to Introduce Falun Gong on World Citizens Day

On March 20th 2005, Germany’s first “World Citizens Day” was held in the city of Magdeburg. Falun Gong practitioners were invited to demonstrate the five sets of exercises at the event.

The event sponsor already knows a lot about Falun Gong and has learned all of the exercises. He can’t understand why the persecution is happening in China, nor can he accept the fact that brutal torture is used by the Chinese Communist Party against peaceful Falun Gong practitioners in cruel attempts to make them renounce their beliefs. To help more people understand Falun Gong and support efforts to bring an end to the human rights abuses that practitioners are suffering, the event sponsor invited practitioners to his house on his birthday and introduced the practice to his relatives and friends.

When the African drummers finished their bustling performance at the World Citizens Day event, Falun Gong practitioners walked on to the stage wearing traditional Chinese yellow exercise suits. With the soothing and pleasant exercise music playing in the background and the graceful exercise movements being demonstrated on the stage, a practitioner introduced Falun Gong to the audience.

The practitioner talked about Falun Gong’s sudden rise to popularity, with 100 million practitioners around the world by 1998 after being introduced to the public in 1992. He also talked about the principles behind the practice before going on to outline the campaign of genocide that has been waged against Falun Gong in China for the past six years.

The noisy hall suddenly became peaceful and quiet during the Falun Gong display. After the performance finished, a group of people immediately came and asked about the practice site and how to learn the exercises. Practitioners felt happy that so many people got to learn about Falun Gong.

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