Korea: Practitioners Hold Photo Exhibition at the Ruyi Cherry Blossom Festival in Seoul

The Ruyi Island Cherry Blossom Festival, located in Seoul, South Korea, was held between April 11 and 20, and Falun Gong practitioners held a photo exhibition during the festival to introduce Falun Dafa and expose the ongoing persecution of practitioners in China to the public.

The exhibition began on the afternoon of April 11, and attracted tourists' attention straight away. Many tourists stopped to view and study the photos.

By dusk, many tourists were still viewing the photos, though it was getting darker and darker. By noon on April 18, the last day of the exhibition, it was roughly estimated that practitioners had collected about 15,000 signatures calling for immediate release of Gao Chengnu, a Chinese practitioner who is the wife of a Korean citizen.

On Tuesday April 12, there were even more tourists. Although practitioners explained the facts about the persecution for almost the whole day, they didn't feel tired at all upon seeing so many people coming to them for the truth. To get a deeper understanding, some tourists also asked questions, and many signed their names to rescue Gao Chengnu after they learned the truth. Later, a TV camera crew came to film the activity. Starting from Wednesday, and especially on Saturday and Sunday, huge crowds of people packed the photo exhibition site.

Korean practitioners have held several events on public sidewalks, and the result has been constantly improving. During this event, not only countless tourists expressed their concern over the persecution and support for practitioners, but also more practitioners have stepped forward to participate in activities to expose the persecution.

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