Finland: Bringing the Goodness of Falun Gong to the Finnish People

On the evening of the 8th of April 2005, practitioners from two different cities in Finland drove several hundred kilometres to the Kylpyl Hotel near the mid-west city of Pori to participate in a two-day health exhibition. Some people told practitioners they had already seen Falun Gong on Finnish TV. Several members of the public said that they could feel a strong energy field at the Falun Gong stall.

The exhibition hall was small and we practitioners did our best to let everyone present know about Falun Gong, including the other stallholders. We started by presenting leaflets detailing Falun Gong practice and the persecution happening in China to each stall, along with a beautiful paper lotus flower. Everyone received our gifts with pleasure and seriously studied the leaflets. In the meantime, we arranged our exercise demonstration on the stairs where visitors had to pass by. We also placed our display boards, paper lotus flowers and banners in this area. The gentle Falun Gong music accompanying the exercise demonstration attracted people to stop and watch. Some people wanted to learn the exercises, so practitioners taught them on the spot. We also demonstrated the exercises outside the dining room's big glass windows while people were having their meal, so that as many people as possible could witness the beauty of Falun Gong.

People learned about Falun Gong through reading display boards and talking with practitioners

The Falun Gong stall was at the entrance to the exhibition hall. A practitioner continued to answer people's questions: "What is Falun Gong?", "Why is Falun Gong persecuted in China?", "What can we do to help?" Those who learned about the six years of persecution that practitioners in China have suffered signed their name on the petition to show support. On the desk outside the exhibition hall, we placed the leaflets and paper lotus flowers. In the meantime, practitioners also taught people how to do the exercises, which drew a large crowd. Many people learned how to do the exercises and said, "Kaunis, kaunis!”, meaning “beautiful”.

Teaching and demonstrating Falun Gong exercises

Journalists came to report on the exhibition. We took this opportunity to tell them about little Fadu. Fadu and her mum live in Australia. Fadu's father was persecuted to death for practising Falun Gong. Little Fadu and her mother visited over thirty countries to tell them what the Chinese Communist Party had done to their once peaceful family. They touched people with their own experiences to call for an end to the brutal prosecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Today, we came with the same goal and hoped to present the goodness of Falun Dafa to the Finnish people.

Folding paper lotus flowers

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