The Largest TV Station in Turkey Broadcasts Falun Gong Information to the Whole Country

At 7 o’clock on the 1st of May, the largest Turkish TV station “SHOWTV” broadcast a programme introducing Falun Gong as a news item.

In the morning, the reporter from SHOWTV interviewed Falun Gong practitioners who were doing the exercises in a park and the interview programme was broadcast in the news in the evening of the same day. In the programme, some practitioners talked about practising Falun Gong and introduced the five sets of exercises. The Turkish practitioner who contacted the TV station told them she is fifty-five years old and took up the practice six months ago, but now she looks like a forty-five year old and is full of energy. She hopes that all the Turkish people can learn Falun Gong and was glad that this broadcast is going out on national TV.

The interview in the morning The practice site in the park Falun Gong relaxes people

Screenshots from the interview

A huge repercussion was created when this Falun Gong information was broadcast. Practitioners suddenly received many telephone calls. They were immediately recognised by people in the street: “I saw you on TV yesterday evening. Falun Gong. Very good.” They all said that they will go to the free Falun Gong classes.

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