Canada: Falun Gong Group Wins Award at Coquitlam May Festival Parade

The annual May Festival in the city of Coquitlam ended on May 8 2005. The largest event was the Po Co Parade on May 7. Every year, the parade attracts a lot of groups to participate and many visitors. This year, there were over one hundred groups participating. On that day, three levels of elected council members and the Mayor also drove their own cars in the parade. The groups included different ethnic groups and different religious groups, which truly illustrated the tolerance and diversity of Canadian culture.

Falun Gong was invited to the parade again to promote Chinese traditional culture and won second place in the competition. The gentle exercise demonstration, bright Lotus Flower Dance and Fan Dance won a lot of applause. Many spectators waved their hands and chanted, "You are so beautiful! I saw you last year too, thank you, it is so wonderful!"

Before the parade, the Coquitlam City government issued a proclamation praising Falun Dafa as a Chinese traditional self-cultivation system. The Mayor of Coquitlam City proclaimed May 2005 as "Falun Dafa Month."

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