Bulgaria: People in Many Cities Learn About Falun Dafa and Express Support for Persecuted Practitioners in China

Over the last month, Bulgarian practitioners visited several Bulgarian cities to tell people about the peaceful nature of Falun Dafa and the brutal persecution that practitioners in China are suffering. As well as travelling to Varna, Levski, Pleven, Lovetch, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Dobritch and Gabrovo, the practitioners visited the Golden Sands, one of the most renowned sea resorts in Bulgaria on the Black Sea shore, and raised awareness about the persecution to tourists from Romania, Turkey, Russia and Germany.

Practitioners were warmly accepted by the public and met with great interest wherever they went. They distributed flyers with detailed information about the persecution in China, the confirmed number of deaths from torture and the lawsuits filed against Jiang Zemin and his communist regime in more than 20 countries around the world.

Practitioners demonstrated the exercises and talked to passers-by about what Falun Dafa is. People were interested in the many benefits that come from practising the exercises and they asked many questions. For many, this was the first time they’d heard of Falun Dafa.

In Varna, practitioners met people who had practised the exercises and read the books of Falun Dafa for quirt a while. They helped with putting up posters and giving out flyers. They were inspired to find out that there are more people in Bulgaria who practise Falun Gong.

People signed a petition calling for an end to the persecution....
....and came to learn the Falun Gong exercises.

In the town of Levski, some young people learned the sitting meditation. They decided to read the introductory book Falun Gong and the main text of Falun Dafa practice Zhuan Falun, which can be downloaded free or bought from book stores. Many people signed the petition in support of the persecuted practitioners in China. Around 400 signatures were collected from Bulgarian and foreign citizens.

Many of those who signed the petition said that they are against this brutal persecution and everyone has the right to choose what to do and think. People could not accept the Chinese Communist Party’s mind-control, brainwashing and propaganda that they use to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

The rainy and windy weather in Pleven and Varna did not stop practitioners from handing out hundreds of flyers – they walked around the streets and talked to local people about the persecution. In Pleven town centre, practitioners demonstrated the first four exercises and attracted the attention of the people passing by. They signed the petition and were interested to find out about the books of Falun Dafa. Practitioners informed them that the main text of the practice Zhuan Falun would be published in Bulgarian on May 13th, World Falun Dafa Day.

In the town of Lovetch two kids joined practitioners to learn the exercises and sign the petition. One elderly person didn’t believe the facts of the persecution and stated that it was impossible. The practitioners kindly explained that according to international human rights organizations, China is the country with the most severe human rights violations and that in addition to Falun Dafa, other spiritual organisations are also banned and persecuted in China. The practitioners also revealed how former communist leader Jiang Zemin was jealous of the practice’s popularity. It was Jiang who instigated the persecution against this peaceful practice.

There were also people who didn’t need any explanation about why the persecution is happening in China – as soon as they heard that practitioners are thrown in labour camps, tortured and even killed by the regime, they promptly signed the petition. After having lived for 50 years under the evil spectre of communism, Bulgarians find it easy to understand how the Communist Party brutally persecutes the Chinese people.

Practitioners decided to visit other cities in Bulgaria and to donate the book Zhuan Falun to several major libraries. Through this tour, many people came to understand how brutal and inhumane the persecution of Falun Dafa is and demonstrated the kind and compassionate essence of the practice. After having toured the country, practitioners felt very pleased that so many people had got to learn the truth and even more determined to do what Dafa practitioners should do in this important period of time.

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