Little Benny Wants His Dad Back Home (Photo)

Jiang Renzheng's eldest son Benny is now two years old, and a very smart child. He adores his dad and loves to play with him. Jiang Renzheng and his wife moved from China to study in Germany four years ago, and had two sons while living there. While they were in Germany, whenever Jiang played the Falun Gong music, Benny did the exercise movements with him. When his father sat in mediation, he sat beside him and moved his hands, copying the gestures. Little Benny also closes his eyes slightly and presses his two palms together in front of his chest. Benny's physical condition was very good. During the cold winter he would not let his mother dress him in a thick insulated coat. Benny only wore a jacket when running around, and never got sick. Benny's mother said that this was because he practised the Falun Dafa exercises with the adults.

Jiang Renzheng's family photo in Germany

When Benny smiles, his big eyes blink as if asking for affection. One time when he and his mother were waiting for the train, several older German ladies passed by. Benny smiled at them, and the ladies smiled happily back, and came to hold and kiss him.

In March 2005, the German government rejected the political asylum application for Benny, his younger brother and parents. They were sent back to China and returned to his father's hometown, Benxi. The family's tragedy followed. On April 8th when Benny and his younger brother were playing at their grandparents' home in Shenyang, seven people came in and arrested his dad. Upon seeing dad arrested, Benny followed and ran to the doorway. He became terribly frightened and cried. Since then, he often cries and calls for his dad. He can't say complete words, but he calls for his dad often.

After his dad was imprisoned, Benny's little brother, who just turned one year old, stayed with his grandparents in Benxi. Benny and his mother stayed together, but their living was very unpredictable. His mother had to watch for police officers at all times, concerned about being arrested. Therefore, she hid at various different places.

Benny gradually began eating less and losing weight. He also frequently got sick and had a fever. Sometimes his grandparents had to take him to a hospital for intravenous injections.

Every time when Benny and his mother visited his grandparents and younger brother, Benny's grandma cried. One time his mother went alone to hide in a very far away place. The police had threatened that if she refused to write a guarantee statement, agreeing to stop practising Falun Gong, they would arrest her. Benny stayed behind with his grandparents. Now it also became difficult for him to see his mother.

After Benny's dad had been detained for several months, his grandparents were allowed to take him and his younger brother to visit. As soon as Benny entered the prison's visiting room, he joyously jumped on his dad and asked to be carried. Dad found that Benny could already speak complete sentences, and he felt happy and sad at the same time. Dad carried him on one arm and his brother on the other arm, and played with them. Little Benny laughed and talked, while the grandparents could not stop wiping tears from their faces. Their son had left four years ago to study in Germany, and had returned with two wonderful grandsons. Now this innocent person has been sentenced to three years in a forced labour camp.

When Benny stayed with his grandma, she often told him with tears in her eyes that she missed his dad. Benny then also cried and called for his dad. Grandpa also got sad. He held his hand and went for a walk with him. Grandpa wanted to take his grandsons to visit their father. Therefore, he made many enquiries. He feared that his son would be tortured, as he had heard from people who knew what went on inside the labour camp that the camp staff treated Falun Gong practitioners very cruelly. Practitioners who do not write a repentance statement are often tortured to the death, using all kinds of torture methods. Falun Gong practitioners had been killed in the forced labour camp where his son was detained.

One time Benny's grandfather asked an official of the National Security Bureau why they arrested his son. He was told, "China does not allow people to practise Falun Gong. Therefore, he is not allowed to practise Falun Gong after returning to China. As long as he does not renounce Falun Gong, he won't be released. We have plenty time to keep him here." The elderly man expressed his grief, "I also do not know what law my son has broken. My son is a good person. If anything happens to him, I really won't want to live any more. I must find a way to get him released, my son is innocent."

When Benny finally met with his dad he was overjoyed. He tightly held on to him. When the visit was over and his grandparents were ready to leave the camp with him and his brother, he turned around, broke loose from his grandpa's arms, and ran to his dad and tightly held one of his hands saying, "Dad, let's go home."

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