"We Shouldn't Persecute These Good People" and Other Stories of People In China Coming to See the Truth

A Neighbourhood Committee Director

One day in the beginning of fall, after reading the flyers given to him by Falun Dafa practitioners, a neighbourhood committee director in Jilin City told his staff members sincerely, "Look at those Falun Gong practitioners. They distributed these fliers, which not only tell us the truth about the persecution, but also tell us the best principles there are for personal conduct. Their genuine goodness and desire to help us moves me. In the future, we shouldn't persecute these good people."

A Party Secretary

While talking with a party secretary, our topic switched to Falun Gong. I said, "Those who practise Falun Gong are all good people." The secretary replied, "What you said is quite correct. I'm not just saying that because you're here. It's really true. Falun Gong practitioners are happy to work hard and don't mind adversity. They don't care about personal gain. They are a group of good people." This secretary had heard the truth about the persecution several times. He also tried to protect Falun Gong practitioners in different ways.

The Son of a Senior Communist Party Leader

In the Spring of 2004, while visiting some friends and relatives, I met the son of a senior Communist Party leader in a southern city. The only thing he believed in was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He was the type of person who didn't fear anything. Even the local Party leaders were afraid of him. Then he got to know the truth about Falun Gong. Falun Gong is persecuted in China. He was shocked to know that Falun Gong is getting recognition in other places around the world. Ever since then, it was as though he had become another person. Every time he saw materials produced by Falun Gong practitioners to expose the truth, he would give them to his friends and relatives, and also tell them that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa -Law because it teaches people to cultivate Truth, Compassion and Forbearance, and teaches people to be good and kind to others. He changed his old tyrannical attitudes. He has good relationships with his neighbours and now his family is in harmony. He expressed his regret for the way he used to be by saying, "It would've been great if I'd known Falun Dafa earlier! [Former Chinese president] Jiang Zemin* is a murderer, and has deceived a lot of people around the world." *former head of the CCP, and is known to be responsible for playing a major role in the persecution against Falun Gong

The Superintendent of a Police Station

A police station superintendent in Hebei Province witnessed the persecution on Falun Gong for six years. Jiang's regime brutally persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners, but the kindness of Falun Dafa practitioners deeply touched him. Practitioners spoke to him several times about the practise and the persecution, and as a result, he came to understood Falun Gong for what it truly is. He also realised that they shouldn't persecute the kind Falun Gong practitioners and now, whenever this officer sees Falun Dafa practitioners, he says Falun Dafa is good. He also told other staff members at his station not to persecute practitioners.

A Young Police Officer

During the May 1st holiday last year, a young policeman came to visit my home. I showed him a Falun Dafa CD and some other informational materials. He was very excited and said he knew that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. He gave an example, telling me about a township leader who is a Falun Dafa practitioner and whose wife's residence of record was in the countryside. He'd never asked his superior to change her resident status. Each year at harvest time, when farmers turn over grain to the government, he always urged his wife to turn in the government's share first. Moreover, he always picked the best grain to hand in. A good person like him was persecuted by Jiang's regime. They wouldn't pay his salary for three years. The policeman said, "What do they want to "transform" these good people into?"

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