The No. 2 Prison in Xinjiang Province Brutally Persecutes Female Dafa Practitioners

The No. 2 Prison in Xinjiang Province brutally persecutes female Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioners Ms. Zhao Shuyuan, Ms. Wang Xi and Ms. Li Xianghong have been brutally persecuted each day for as long as two to three years. They have been seriously harmed both mentally and physically.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhao Shuyuan is detained at the No. 9 branch section of the No. 2 Prison in Xinjiang Province. For nearly three years, she has participated in hunger strikes and she refuses to wear the prison uniform. Each day, the police in the prison order inmates to wrap her body up with white bed sheets and send her to the hospital for force-feeding. Due to the long-term persecution, she is very weak.

Female Dafa practitioner Wang Xi from Shihezi, Xinjiang Province is detained in the No. 9 section of the No. 2 Prison in Xinjiang Province. After she loudly shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," the prison police violently persecuted her. She has been detained for over two years. Each day, the prison police hang her up, with both of her hands over the bed. They release her to go to bed after 2 am each morning. Then at 4 am each morning she is again handcuffed and hung over the bed. Due to long-term persecution, Ms. Wang Xi has suffered a great deal both mentally and physically.

Similarly, Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Xianghong from the Urumqi City Engineering Institute, Xinjiang Province has been severely persecuted. In October 1999, her workplace sent her to the No. 4 People's Hospital (a mental hospital) for two months. They injected some drugs into her body without her permission. In April 2001, she was sentenced for a three-year term in a forced labour camp. In March 2002, she was arrested again and was sentenced for eleven years and kept in the No. 2 Prison in Xinjiang Province. In the prison, she suffered all kinds of persecution. The police beat her, abused her, would not allow her to sleep and tried to brainwash her. They asked those who succumbed to the torture and brainwashing to talk to her around the clock, but Ms. Li Xianghong is very firm in her belief. Their tricks failed. At present, the prison police have ordered Chen Dan and others who succumbed to the violence to brainwash her around the clock.

Police officer Ma Ling from the No. 3 branch section of the No. 2 Prison of Xinjiang Province is very violent

Ma Ling is a prison guard from the No. 3 branch section of the No. 2 Prison of Xinjiang Province. She lives in a small district in Guanghui, Urumqi City. She is extremely violent. She often threatens and orders other inmates to use force and violence to persecute Dafa practitioners in her section. Moreover, she tries to cover up what she has done.

The persecution towards male Dafa practitioners in the No. 5 Prison in Xinjiang Province is also astonishing. During the hot summer days in 2005, the prison police wrapped Dafa practitioners in plastic bags and dragged them outside to bake under the hot sun. Not long after they were brought outside, the Dafa practitioners would faint due to lack of oxygen. Being beaten became a daily routine.

Dafa practitioner Chen Yujiang has been on a hunger strike for over a year. He is very weak. In spite of his condition, the prison police still use violence on him. They use all kinds of persecution methods and force-feed him every day.

The Xinjiang Female Prison (Xinjiang No. 2 Prison)
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The Assistant Commissioner: 86-991-6632707
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The Xinjiang No. 5 Prison
Address: Keshi East Road, Urumqi City, Xinjiang
Mailing Address: PO Box 96, Urumqi City, Xinjiang, Zip Code: 830013

The Urumqi City Police Department Prison & Forced Labour Camp Management Division
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