Practitioner Gao Delong from Liaoning Province Passed Away Due to Persecution (Photo)

Mr. Gao Delong, 67 years old, lived in Anshan, Liaoning Province. Since practising Dafa in 1997, he became healthy and recovered from several severe illnesses that had bothered him for many years, such as chronic colitis, tracheitis, hypotension, and heart disease. After July 20th, 1999, local governmental officials forced him to write repentance statement to give up practising and attend brainwashing sessions. He was often called to attend such "meetings." The police substation and local resident committee forced him to give up his Falun Dafa books and study literature from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Local officials and police often went to his home to harass him and put heavy pressure on him. His old illnesses recurred and he passed away on January 8th, 2006.

Mr. Gao Delong

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