Falun Gong Practitioner Lu Shulin Is in Critical Situation at Jilin No. 2 Prison

After being illegally arrested1 and brutally tortured in Jilin No. 2 Prison, Falun Gong practitioner Lu Shulin is now in critical situation. Because Mr. Lu's family cannot find people to intercede on his behalf and did not bribe the police, policemen Zhang Heng and Wang Lianfa refuse to release Mr. Liu for medical treatment despite his dire condition. They even said openly, "Without good connections and money, you will have to wait!" Mr. Lu's family is desperately worried about his condition.

In February 8th, Lu Shulin's family was advised by guard Zhang Guilin to bail him out for medical treatment. Zhang also told them to find the two policemen Zhang Heng and Wang Lianfa.

When his family members found the two people, one of them said, "It is lunch time, you should invite us for lunch." In the afternoon, Wang Lianfa said to them, "You go back to the police station and ask them to sign the document to accept him." "Don't you need to complete any paperwork?" Lu's family asked. "No!" they said. But when Mr. Lu's family went back to ask the police chief, Zhang Dezhi, to sign the document, Zhang said, "Are you kidding? Without any documents from the prison? If I am unaware of the condition of Lu Shulin, how can I sign the document? They are just trying to avoid the responsibility!" The family immediately called the two policemen, who said, "If you cannot get the paperwork from the police station, we cannot do anything for you." Mr. Lu's family realised that the police were only giving them the runaround.

On February 20th, 2006, Lu Shulin's family called Zhang and Wang, wanting to know when Mr. Lu will be released. "No sooner than two or three months!" the police answered. "How could it be? Lu Shulin is now in critical condition. If you do not release him quickly, he may die inside the station," his family said. "Then that is the case. You are not the only one we work for," the police answered. "Isn't it the police's job to take care of and work for the people?" Lu's family said. "Without good connections and money, you will have to wait!" the police repeated angrily.

Phone numbers of the two policemen Zhang Heng and Wang Lianfa, who are responsible for the medical parole: 86-13041304120(Mobile), 86-13904415922(Mobile)


1. Illegally arrested: Contrary to what former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, who initiated the persecution, and the Chinese Communist Party would like the world to believe, practising Falun Gong is NOT illegal in China. Although the Public Security Department issued an unconstitutional set of restraints on the practice at the onset of the persecution in 1999, no laws have been passed by the only legislative body in China, the People's Congress, banning Falun Gong or granting the police the authority to arrest Falun Gong practitioners for practising the exercises or distributing flyers. For a more complete discussion of the illegality of the persecution of Falun Gong, please refer to the article "The Ban on Falun Gong—A Dictator's Whim, Not the Rule of Law". (Variation: "illegally sentenced")

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2006/2/28/121755.html

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