Wang Jun is Missing, His Family Members Are Being Followed

Dafa practitioner Wang Jun from Jiamusi City was arrested, and his whereabouts are unknown. Since the Sujiatun Concentration Camp was exposed internationally, his family is extremely worried about his plight. His parents, wife, and child went to the Jiamusi City Police Department to visit Chen Wanyou, a police official, and enquired about him. Since then, they have been followed.

Chen Wanyou told them that the case of Wang Jun has been handed over to the Procuratorate. Chen Wanyou and Zhang Donghui also mentioned that Wang Jun's home must be searched. When Wang Jun's family refused, the police officers threatened to arrest Wang Jun's wife.

When Wang Jun came home from the detention centre the last time, he refused to cooperate with the police. Chen Wanyou made many copies of Wang Jun's photo on file, distributed them to the police stations in Jiamusi City and asked police officers to arrest him. A police officer rode in Wang Jun's taxi, recognised him and arrested him.

When Wang Jun's wife left the Police Department with her young daughter, she noticed a man following them from a distance. When she confronted him and asked him why he was following her, he denied it at first. Soon after, he acknowledged that it was Chen Wanyou's idea and that Chen had dispatched others, as well.

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