Taiwan: "Validating the Fa Photo Exhibition" Held in Shih Hsin University

The "Validating the Fa Photo Exhibition" has been held in many universities and colleges in Taiwan. It was held at Shih Hsin University from June 5th to 9th, 2006. Many students were attracted to the exhibition, which displays 40 art works. On the small but beautiful campus of Shih Hsin University, the photo exhibition and banner of "Falun Dafa: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" were very attractive

Falun Gong practitioners hung up a lot of paper lotus flowers at the top of the exhibition hall, which beautifully decorated the hall. Since the hall is small, and not very many people came into the hall to see the artwork, practitioners put half of the artwork outside the hall, where many students could see it.

Practitioners displayed much of the artwork outside so that more students could see it

Shih Hsin University specialises in journalism. Practitioners realise the importance of clarifying the truth to the students and teachers here. During the exhibition, several practitioners took turns to demonstrate the exercises and pass out flyers, bookmarks and paper lotus flowers. The results were very good.

The artworks only display a few examples of practitioners' validating the Fa in the last several years. They are collected from photos taken by practitioners during truth clarification and they show practitioners' solid spirit and belief in the universe's principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance". The artwork also wakes up people's righteous thoughts and conscience.

Many students and teachers viewed the art on display. Some of them asked for additional information about Dafa.

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