Sunshine Coast Daily (Australia): Coast march against horror of organ grab


EVEN the makers of horror movies won’t put it on film. Yet, harvesting organs from live human beings is reportedly a chilling reality in China and the Sunshine Coast took a stand against it during an awareness march through Maroochydore and Mooloolaba yesterday.

The event was organised by local practitioners of Falun Gong because many of the victims of illegal organ harvesting are proponents of the meditation exercise who were captured and jailed as prisoners of conscience.

"We're trying to let the public know of this atrocity," co-organiser John Dowie said.

"The Chinese Communist Party has been trying to cover this up for a long time now and we have a shocking report that proves this is going on.

"They're removing organs without anaesthetic because it costs too much and then they incinerate the evidence by cremating the bodies.

"There are 41,500 transplants that are unaccounted for."

Mr Dowie urged everyone to voice their outrage at the human rights violation in letters to members of parliament and councillors.

Gold Coast teen Kaman Pun said her parents, brother and sister had followed Falun Gong for eight years and had already reaped the benefits. "I'm in Year 12 and doing meditation has helped me not be so stressed in exams."

People interested in more information can view the report into illegal organ harvesting at http:/

Source Sunshine Coast Daily

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