First World Congress of Future Science and Culture Successfully Opens in Cambridge University (photos)

The First World Congress of Future Science and Culture was held successfully at UK's Cambridge University, which is famous for its historic tradition of academic excellence. Scholars and experts from Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Demark, Canada, America, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and UK reported to about 300 conference attendees on their new perspectives and results from their areas of study. The congress was divided into 4 parts: biology and medicine, new ideas in science, sociology and environmental science, and humanity and culture.

Cambridge in the early spring welcomes scholars from around the world. The ancient and highly acclaimed University City is packed with youths. They stood in front of display boards in the hallway, or outside the conference hall, reading the introduction of the congress. More people went inside and listened to the reports, and right after that bought Dafa books. Soon, English books sold out on the first day of the conference, and several boxes of materials were distributed.

Conference attendees were attracted by a poster outside the conference hall about an experiment with water. The experiment clearly demonstrated the effect of mind activity on water. When soothing music or loving words were applied to the water, the water's lattice structure became beautiful and orderly. When foul language was applied, the water structure became irregular. People were amazed that such a simple experiment demonstrated that matter and mind are one.

A paper by a practitioner from Mainland China talked about his all new understandings on the interactions of time, space and matter, quantum theory and many other physics concepts. His article left a deep impression on the conference attendees. Due to the current brutal persecution against Falun Gong in China, his article was read by another practitioner. Several participants illustrated the relationship between mind and matter from different scientific perspectives. Several researchers introduced some little known results through experiments in biology, medicine, and clinical practice. A professor explored prophecies and their scientific value. An artist mentioned that mind-nature cultivation is of crucial importance to art creation.

The speakers all said that their new understandings and insights towards science and culture come from their cultivation of Falun Dafa and assimilation to the characteristics of the universe, Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. It is Falun Dafa that opens their wisdom and widens the angles to an all new understanding of life, universe, time and space. They all believe that Falun Dafa will surely open an all new future civilization.

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