Germany: 'Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party' Picture Exhibition at a Tourist Attraction

Sightseeing buses frequently come over to a tourist attraction in Bayreuth, Germany. These buses come from many German cities including Hamburg as well as many European countries such as Austria, France and Italy.

People seriously reading the Nine Commentaries notice-boards
On September 9th, 2006, volunteers from the German Centre for Quitting the CCP held a Nine Commentaries picture exhibition here. The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is an editorial published by The Epoch Times newspaper. These pictures focus on photos of the CCP persecuting the Chinese people during different political movements, including the attacking and denouncement of members of “Three Anti” and “Five Anti” before the Culture Revolution, Cultural Revolution, the persecution of Falun Gong and the CCP harvesting organs from living people for huge profits. There were also cartoons related to quitting the CCP, and Nine Commentaries newspapers in German.

Lots of people signed a petition appealing for the release of Falun Gong practitioner Mrs. Wang Xiaoyan. Mr. Zhang Zhentong, husband of Wang Xiaoyan, studies abroad in Germany. Wang Xiaoyan was illegally imprisoned by the CCP on May 27th this year and sentenced to two years at Masanjia Labour Camp. Many people also signed the petition to the German Prime Minister, to investigate and stop organ harvesting immediately.

A German couple said that they know the Communist Party very well from an uncle who went missing and then was killed by the party. When his uncle was killed, his father did not know at all and looked for him everywhere. Moreover his uncle was merely a farmer; the Communist Party even doesn’t let farmers off. The CCP killed 80,000,000. Learning from Russia at the beginning, Mao Zedong killed so many people.

Plenty of sightseers took material and newspapers on their own initiative after watching a recorded broadcast about organ harvesting. Some tourists had long talks with volunteers about the CCP organ harvesting and how to help stop this kind of atrocity.

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