Day in Court? How the Communist Party’s Court in Laixi City, Shandong Province, Denied Justice

On October 8th, 2006, Judge Wang Huanxian from Laixi Courthouse called Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Yuxiang’s family and notified them that her court date would be October 10th, 2006. He did not tell them the location. Ms. Chen’s family went through much trouble to find out the location the next day and learned it would be inside the Dashan No. 3 Detention Centre in Qingdao City and that the actual date would be October 11th. In order to verify the time, the family called the court in the afternoon. The staff in the courthouse told them it would be October 11th.

On October 10th, Ms. Chen’s family requested to attend the court proceedings. The judge replied, "Chen Yuxiang has already signed the document refusing to have anyone defend her and refusing to meet with her family." (The truth is that Ms. Chen never signed such a document.) The family kept making requests until noon, and Ms. Chen’s husband and one other relative were finally allowed to attend the court proceedings. The family found out in the afternoon that the location of the court proceedings had changed. It would be held in the Laixi Courthouse. In order to verify the actual location, the family went through much trouble again.

On October 11th at around 10:00 a.m., three practitioners, Ms. Chen Yuxiang, Ms. Sun Shuping, and Ms. Sun Yuzhen, were brought to the courthouse from the No. 3 Detention Centre in Qingdao City. The car went directly into the courthouse garage. They were taken out of the car after the garage door was shut. Five people had to carry Ms. Sun Yuzhen upstairs. She had refused to cooperate with the staff in the detention centre, was severely beaten, and could no longer stand.

Practitioner Ms. Sun Shuping’s son-in-law and her lawyer came and requested to defend her. The judge changed his mind and refused to let them meet or defend Sun Shuping. The Laixi Court had notified the family a few days before and stated that it was okay to find a lawyer to defend her. They waited outside with the written statement of defence until the afternoon and still could not see Ms. Sun Shuping.

Ms. Chen Yuxiang’s family visited her for a short while. At 11:00 a.m., the court officials escorted the three practitioners back to the detention centre. The family asked, "We were told that we could attend the court proceedings. Why have they already gone back to the detention centre?" The judge replied, "The court proceedings are over."

In July 2006, Ms. Chen Yuxiang was detained in the Longshui Road Police Station in Laixi City. The police interrogated her for three days, deprived her of sleep, and told her that she was being videotaped. The police told the following lie to Ms. Chen: "We arrested so and so. She told us everything and handed over all the materials." In fact, this practitioner was doing fine. The police also attempted to deceive other practitioners and individuals, telling them that Ms. Chen had admitted everything inside the detention centre.

When Ms. Chen Yuxiang was held in the No. 3 Detention Centre centre in Qingdao City, her family sent her money three times. She only received money once. When the family found a lawyer to defend her, the authorities put tremendous pressure on the lawyer and forced him to give up defending Ms. Chen.

Laixi Courthouse: 86-532-88469153
Director of Laixi Courthouse Cheng Xianzhang: 86-532-88466168 (home), 86-13905425066 (mobile)
Criminal Court Judge Wang Huanxian: 86-532-88477338 (home), 86-13963929009 (mobile)
Criminal Court Judge Zhang Yunqing: 86-532-88499633 (home), 86-13583283278 (mobile)


Wang Huanxian was in charge of Ms. Chen Yuxiang's case

Zhang Yunqing was in charge of Ms. Sun Shuping's case

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