Ms. Zhang Shulian from Shandong Province Taken to Jinan Women's Forced Labour Camp

At noon on September 12th, 2006, after Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Shulian arrived home from shopping, policemen from the Xinji Township Police Station broke into her home and searched it thoroughly. They took away the Falun Dafa book "Zhuan Falun" and a Walkman. They then tried to force Ms. Zhang to come with them, but she refused to cooperate and did not want to get into the vehicle. They hit her with their fists, kicked her, and physically carried her into the vehicle. They detained her in the Guan County Detention Centre. Policemen from Xinji Township have by now secretly taken Ms. Zhang Shulian to the Jinan Women's Forced Labour Camp.

In recent years, policeman Qiao Jie from Xinji Township Police Station, along with others from the National Security Department, have searched Ms. Zhang's home many times, which caused her husband, also a practitioner, to go into exile. During the current harvest time, people are busy harvesting corn and cotton and planting wheat. The family has acres of land and Ms. Zhang's 15-year old son was forced to drop out of school to take care of the harvest and to do the planting. His life is very difficult.

Guan County Police Department Chief Diao Pei Chang: 86-13306358757 (Mobile)
Xinji Police Station Chief Han Qinggang: 86-635-5266668 (Home), 86-13906355871 (Mobile)
Xinji Police Station officer Qiao Jie: 86-635-2118266 (Home), 86-13606350507(Mobile)

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