Four Dafa Practitioners from Henan, Heilongjiang, and Hubei Provinces Pass Away Due to Persecution

Mr. Xi Tianfu was sixty-five years old and was from Yaozhuang Village, Xihu Town in Mengzhou City, Henan Province. In 2001, he and his wife went to Beijing to explain the facts about Falun Dafa. As a result, he was sentenced to a forced labour camp for three years. In 2004 ,after he had completed his term, he clarified the truth to others. Once again he was sentenced to four years in prison by police in the National Security Bureau. In September 2006, after being tortured nearly to death, he was finally released. He died at home on September 15th. His wife is still being tortured in prison.

Ou Xueyuan was a worker at the Harbin Chemical Industry Second Factory in Heilongjiang Province. Firmly believing in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," he went to Beijing to appeal. As a result, in April 2001, he was sentenced to one year in a forced labour camp. In March 2003 he was again sentenced to three years in prison. During the four years of detention at the notorious Changlinzi Labour Camp in Harbin City, he held firm to his belief in Dafa and never yielded to pressure to renounce Falun Dafa. He suffered various tortures at the hands of Zhao Shuang including electric shock, beatings, and being forced to sit on an iron chair in a fixed position. He was forced to do intense labour overtime, which devastated him both mentally and physically. When he walked out of the labour camp the first time, he was in critical condition with skin disease and infection. When he walked out of the labour camp the second time, his condition was even worse, with wounds all over his body, and he was extremely weak. Due to the torture, his inner organs were severely injured. He passed away on October 17th, 2006.

Mr. Gong Pinnan was thirty-three years old. He was a practitioner from Factory 446 in Chibi City, Hubei Province. In 2000 he went to appeal in Beijing. As a result he was detained for over three months. Later he was sentenced to a forced labour camp for one year for appealing. Because he did not give up his belief, he was arrested and taken to the security office of Factory 446, where he was subjected to forced brainwashing. Under this long-term torture, he passed away on September 1st, 2006.

Ms. Cai Guanyu was sixty-six years old. She was a practitioner from Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province. After the persecution of Dafa began, people from the Lanshan Area Fuan Security Office constantly harassed her at her home. They forced her to turn in Dafa books and write promises. After being subjected to mental and physical torture, she developed the symptoms of kidney cancer. She passed away on September 18th, 2006.

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