More Information on Jilin Province Dafa Practitioner Mr. Wei Xiushan Who Died as a Result of Persecution

Dafa Practitioner Mr. Wei Xiushan, from Huadian, Jilin Province was persecuted to death around 2003 or 2004, in the 7th Section of Jilin Prison. The ringleader of the convicted criminals in the 7th Section at the time was Lan Shaohai from Yanbian. Another vicious person, Zhao Fuyu (people call him "African"), was from Shulan. He was ruthless. Originally, he was sentenced to one year in jail, but his sentence was extended because he beat a person to death at the detention centre. Then he was transferred to Jilin Prison, and the police made use of him to persecute Dafa practitioners.

After Changchun Cable TV was intercepted with the broadcast of Falun Gong programming exposing the persecution on March 5th, 2002, Dafa practitioner Wei Xiushan was arrested. He was sentenced to Jilin Prison to be persecuted in the 7th Section.

The most atrocious method used to persecute Dafa practitioners in Jilin Prison was based on rewarding points to the convicted criminals who tortured Dafa practitioners. They could earn credit points, and after earning 3 credit points their sentence would be reduced. So the criminals used all kinds of cruel methods to torture Dafa practitioners in order to have their jail terms reduced. Their methods included strict control, confinement in a small cell, shackling onto a bed spread-eagle, directing convicted criminals to engage in the torture, torturing the genitals, around the clock monitoring, and forced feeding.

Wei Xiushan endured all kinds of torture by the convicts in the 7th Section of Jilin Prison. He was sent to a hospital on October 21st, 2003, and did not return.

Wei Xiushan was sentenced to one year of forced labour in 1999 because he appealed for Falun Gong. In Weizigou Labour Camp, he was shocked by the police with electric batons because he refused to wear a prisoner's uniform. many of the prisoners told him that they would learn Dafa after they got out of the labour camp. Wei Xiushan's detention was extended for eleven months. When he was asked to write a "self appraisal" for his release, he wrote, "I will continue to cultivate in Falun Dafa, and validate Dafa as an extraordinary science, and a very good cultivation way that can improve people." Because of this, he was sent directly to Xinlongshan brainwashing centre for one month.

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