The Call of "Falun Dafa is Good" Resounds Through China's Sky

It snowed where we live over the past few days. The thick snow piled up on the road became very slippery after being hardened by the weight of the overpassing vehicles. Three Falun Gong practitioners who went out on business rode a farmer's utility tricycle slowly. A truck hauling a trailer came up from behind them, and another large truck came towards them from the front. The road was narrow, so they tried to avoid each other. The truck with the trailer turned its wheels to the centre of the road; thus its rear portion slid to the side of the road. The three practitioners and their tricycle were knocked off the road and into a deep ditch. The truck with the trailer didn't stop until it ran into the big truck coming towards it.

The driver of the truck with the trailer was not injured, so he went to check on the practitioners in the ditch. The three practitioners stood up with no injuries. The driver asked, "How are you doing? Let's go to the hospital!" A senior practitioner over 70 years old said, "We are fine because we are practitioners. We practise Falun Dafa. You can go ahead and check on the people in the other truck." Then the driver went to the large truck and found that the driver was just slightly injured.

The three practitioners didn't go to the hospital, and they did not ask for a penny from the driver. The two drivers were touched (it is commonplace for people to extract large amounts of money from such accidents to cover hospital bills). They felt so lucky; they respected each other and didn't attempt to extort money for damages.

The whole incident that happened in a moment made the driver of the truck with the trailer feel a sense of excitement that he had never had before. He climbed into the truck and shouted to the sky, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good!"

His shouts shook people's hearts, and they echoed, and they echoed......

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