Police Officers' Astounding Statement: "We Quit the CCP"

Today on the Internet I saw news entitled, "All Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Members in a Police Station Withdraw from the CCP." Below is the text of the article:

"We are the CCP members of xxx police station. We hereby solemnly announce to the world in the New Year of 2007, that all of us have decided to withdraw from the Party. We will not follow its evil policies. We will treat Falun Gong practitioners nicely and support their righteous deeds. Though our names are still on the regimes list, we are keenly aware that the Party is completely rotten and hopeless; it died a long time ago! We lost our confidence in the CCP and are not willing to work for such a party to persecute nice people. We do not want to be criminals in the history books. History will soon bury the CCP. Falun Dafa is good; the Party shall soon be gone."

All CCP Members in xxx Police Station

January 1th, 2007

* * * * *

Withdrawal statements in which people declare their quitting the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organisations are usually from individuals, groups of friends or family. This statement is by a group of people from a CCP-affiliated law enforcement organisation. This indicates that more and more people are learning the truth and their consciences are awakening.

The CCP retains its control through lies. They brainwashed and are still brainwashing people with their evil Party culture, making people lose the capacity to tell right from wrong. Several months ago at a party, guests were chatting about the Chen Liangyu case (former Shanghai City Mayor) and CCP corruption. All guests had agreed that the CCP had changed; many believed Mao Zedong times were better. A middle-aged teacher said, "Deng, Jiang and Hu (the most recent Chinese leaders) are all bad; only Mao was good. He let Chinese people stand up; no one dared to be corrupt in Mao’s time."

I answered the teacher calmly that it was not Mao who let the Chinese people stand up. Mao was best in the "cleansing movements." "I believe you all understand who truly fought in the Sino-Japan war during World War II? Was it the CCP or the Kuomintang?" I continued to say that we all knew that the Kuomintang truly fought the war; all the big battles were fought by Kuomintang, not by the CCP. The only two battles the CCP fought were the Pingxingguan Battle and the Hundred Regiments Battle. During the Pingxingguan battle, two hundred Japanese soldiers were killed, and Mao criticised Peng Dehuai who led the Hundred Regiments battle, for exposing the CCP’s strength. After the war, the Kuomintang leadership eliminated many one-sided treaties made in history with foreign countries. The CCP did not fight the war, but took the credit for what the Kuomintang had achieved. Every single movement Mao started after the CCP took control in China was to purge the opposition and solidify its own power. The teacher agreed in silence.

Several days ago I ran into the teacher again. He smiled at me and said he had learnt more historical truth now and realises Mao was truly evil. I said, "Yes, the CCP has always been something evil!" The teacher agreed.

The CCP again today relies on lies, slander, torture, dis-information and mind-control when persecuting Falun Gong. When these police officers learnt the righteous faith of Falun Gong, learnt that all practitioners are nice people, and learnt of the evil nature of the CCP, they chose not to follow the CCP any longer.

It has been almost eight years since Jiang Zemin started the persecution of Falun Gong. During these years many people were deceived by the CCP and unknowingly became thugs in the persecution. They not only hurt Falun Gong practitioners through torture, organ harvesting and other methods, they also hurt themselves. One day when the CCP collapses, these people will all face a trial of justice and become criminals in the history books.

Good will be rewarded with good and evil will receive retribution; this is an unchangeable heavenly rule. Many of Jiang Zemin’s followers who persecuted Falun Gong suffered retribution in past years. Some became ill; some were hurt in car accidents; and some died from illnesses. Many started to regret what they did, but a lot did not even have a chance for regret.

I hope all police officers in China will follow these police officers who published the above withdrawal statement, and will stop following the CCP, treat Falun Gong practitioners nicely, and be dignified, good people. The good choice you make today will bring you a peaceful and prosperous future.

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