The Chinese New Year Spectacular in the Eyes of the German Media

NTDTV’s Chinese New Year Spectacular shows, which just drew to a close in Berlin, attracted the German media’s attention. More than a dozen media outlets covered the event, and nearly a hundred journalists attended the shows, where they saw firsthand genuine traditional Chinese culture.

President of the German Federation of Journalists and reporter Mr. Michael Konken gave high praise to the show

On February 27th, when the show began at Berlin’s ICC Internationales Congress Centrum, the largest TV station in Berlin and the surrounding regions Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting Station gave a live report on the show. The host talked about the scale of the show and Chinese New Year traditions, and interviewed some performers and a representative of the German NTDTV branch. He also talked about the show's uniqueness and positive response gained from the global tour performances. The live broadcast also showed highlights from previous galas.

On the same day, one of the largest daily newspaper in Berlin, the Daily Mirror, published an introduction to the show. The article called the show an experience of traditional Chinese culture without the influence of the Communist regime’s propaganda machine.

A week ahead of the show, over a dozen radio stations, TV stations, newspapers and magazines in Berlin and surrounding regions gave previews of the show and held competitions for their listeners, viewers and readers to win tickets. The popular programme "Media Magazine" invited representatives of the German NTDTV branch to the studio to take part in a live broadcast, highlighting NTDTV's independent, outspoken reporting and the Chinese New Year Spectacular. The Berlin Heaven Broadcasting Station, which is geared towards young and middle-aged listeners, introduced the show by saying, "You've heard of "Around the World in 80 Days", but today, artists of NTDTV’s Chinese New Year Spectacular are touring the globe to perform in 100 days."

The two shows were very popular, and nearly a hundred people working in the media applied to the sponsor in advance to observe the show. Members of the local media, other places in Germany and foreign news agencies in Berlin attended.

Journalist Kalkbenner from Life & Style Magazine said that the show presented a colourful, diverse and profoundly meaningful Chinese culture. The stage costumes were splendid. He said that it was hard for him to pick a favourite, because every programme told a completely different story and represented a different slice of history. They were all inspiring and thought-provoking, so it was really hard to compare and make a choice.

Photographer Mueller, Kalkbenner's colleague, said that it was not easy for a Berliner to fully understand the show's profound meaning. It displayed the richness and diversity of Chinese culture. The show was captivating, and it took one's full attention to grasp all of the information being conveyed.

Mr. Mueller was impressed by the flowerpot shoes in the dance "The Ladies of the Manchu Court". He said that it must be so difficult for the dancers to walk, much less dance, in those unique shoes, and that the young dancers’ performance was outstanding. He called the colourful costumes a feast for his eyes.

Journalist Lichti from the Emirates News Agency highly praised the quick pace and humorous hosts. A Director of the Production Department at an Iranian TV station was moved by the dance "Returning to the Rightful Place." He said that he could identify with the universal principle of "You Reap What You Sow".

Journalist Schoenfelder came with her friends from Dresden, which is over 70 miles away, to watch the show. After the show, she learned that the troupe would head for Chicago to continue the tour. She expressed her hope that next year’s show would tour more cities in Europe.

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