Sankei Shimbun (Japan): Acclaiming Chinese Traditional Dance

The NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular was performed in Osaka, Japan on March 10th and won warm applause from spectators. It was the first stop on the spectacular Asia tour of performances. On March 11th, Sankei Shimbun, a daily newspaper in Japan, carried a report on the show and stated that the performance won warm applause and presented Chinese traditional culture.

Sankei Shimbun reported that the Spectacular introduced traditional Chinese culture via dancing and music. The Divine Performing Arts, consisting of overseas Chinese artists, performed Chinese traditional dancing, songs and drums.

The report stated that NTDTV is non-governmental Chinese TV station headquartered in New York. Since 2004, it has conducted Chinese New Year performances with a theme of Chinese traditional culture, and has touring show that visits many cities across the world. In the tour performance from January to April this year, Osaka is the first stop in Asia.

The report further stated that dancers wore colourful traditional costumes and presented ancient stories of China's Tang and Song dynasties by graceful dancing and powerful drum playing.

There were also compassionate tenor, soprano, and alto solos, as well as an Erhu solo. The performance won warm applause as it presented traditional Chinese culture.

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