United Kingdom: To Mark April 25th, UK Falun Gong Practitioners Appeal at the Chinese Embassy in London for an End to the Persecution

April 25th, 2007, is the eight anniversary of the April 25th Appeal in Beijing. UK Falun Gong practitioners held a protest activity at the Chinese Embassy in London and a candlelight vigil to mourn the mainland China practitioners who have been persecuted to death by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Accompanied by candlelight, practitioners displayed banners to call for an end to the persecution and practised the Falun Gong exercises. Passers-by were attracted by the candlelight and accepted leaflets from practitioners. Some of them even expressed their support by doing He Shi (pressing the hands together in front of the chest), some of them took photos to record this special historical moment.

The activity lasted till 11:30pm.

Falun Gong practitioners call for an and to the persecution at the Chinese Embassy in London

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