Art Studio Students Miss Their Teacher Mr. Zhang Yinfu

Mr. Zhang Yinfu became an art teacher after he graduated from college. Mr. Zhang developed into an outstanding teacher. However, a jealous colleague provoked a dispute between Mr. Zhang's students and the students' parents, to damage Mr. Zhang's reputation. Nevertheless, Mr. Zhang recommended this colleague to the principle's position. In order to resolve the dispute and not damage the school's image, teacher Zhang quit his position.

A parent of one of his students noticed Mr. Zhang's conduct and skill and saw his potential. The parent offered to invest in a partnership to create a painting school led by Mr. Zhang. Thus teacher Zhang created his own business with his wisdom and talent. His students' work often won top awards in national and international painting and calligraphy contests. Teacher Zhang himself also won a top award. He spoke at the Beijing Great Hall of the People as a representative of the outstanding teachers. A number of his students have met the entry requirements for the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the National Tsing Hua University. Teacher Zhang has given many lectures to local kindergarten and elementary school teachers to help them teach better. In his studio, graduating students hate to leave teacher Zhang.

Parents felt confident to enrol their children in teacher Zhang's studio. Teacher Zhang was even able to help less capable students and manage disobedient students. After they came to his studio, they became well-behaved, polite and patient. When students came to the studio they might be unruly or sullen, but they left with cheerful faces. The students increased their knowledge and skills, broadened their view of the world, and improved their temperaments. They learned how to properly conduct themselves in the world. Teacher Zhang turned the difficulty of learning painting into a happy and interesting experience. He presented professional painting knowledge in the form of interesting stories. In the classrooms you could hear children's laughter.

Teacher Zhang felt a responsibility to his students from his heart. He could communicate heart to heart with students. Introverted and shy children especially liked teacher teacher Zhang. Parents often expressed their appreciation to him with gifts of candy, fruit, cake, tea etc., and he often shared them with the children.

When his business grew more prosperous, teacher Zhang bought some better clothes for public appearances, but his personal life remained thrifty and simple. When his relatives or friends had financial difficulties he would help them. During busy teaching days, he still went home to have lunch with his son. Teacher Zhang was devoted to his child's education and created a book to help him learn the meaning of words through drawings.

Tragically, teacher Zhang was arrested by the public security bureau on April 21st. That night, teacher Zhang finished teaching and chatted with one of his student's parent at 11:00 p.m. when he left his studio. The next morning, the students came to school but their teacher was not there. Teacher Zhang's office had been ransacked and left a mess. Several investigators came to question other teachers (hired by teacher Zhang). At this moment everyone asked, "Where is teacher Zhang?" Finally the news came out that public security was investigating teacher Zhang as a Falun Gong practitioner. No wonder teacher Zhang is so kind, for he practises Falun Gong. Falun Gong is the practice of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

The department persecuting teacher Zhang is the Bao Ming Detention Centre Xinan Neighbourhood Security, Boan District, Shenzhen City.

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