Falun Dafa Practitioner Jiang Bai Dies after Persecution in Daqing Detention Centre in Heilongjiang Province

Ms. Jiang Bai, age 30, was a staff member of the Daqing Main Petroleum Industry. She was forced from her job in October 2000 because she firmly held to her practice of Falun Gong. Ms. Jiang had been homeless, was arrested and persecuted many times.

Ms. Jiang Bai

On August 29th, 2003, Jiang Bai was arrested by the Daqing Secret Service Bureau police. They attempted to lure her into being a spy and to utilise her special expertise in computers to work for the Secret Service Bureau. Jiang Bai sternly refused and began a hunger strike against the persecution. She was sent to a hospital when she was in critical condition and later released for on the grounds of "seeking medical attention." The Daqing Secret Service Bureau continued to harass Ms. Jiang through phone calls, and they kept asking her to come to the Bureau for a "talk." Jiang Bai refused to cooperate with them and refused to go.

On August 29th, 2006, Ms. Jiang was arrested at home, but after one week on a hunger strike she was released.

On April 26th, 2007, she was arrested at her work place by the Daqing Public Security Bureau, Wolitun Subdivision, and held in the Daqing Detention Centre. She began a hunger strike against the persecution and was force-fed against her will. During the brutal force-feeding, Ms. Jiang vomited, coughed blood and passed out. She lost a lot of weight and was too weak to walk. She had been a healthy woman about 5 feet 7 inches tall and had weighed about 70 kilogrammes.

Ms. Jiang was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment for about 10 days, and the hospital discovered she also had gallstones. Deputy Director Zhang Yiqing of the Wolitun Public Security Subdivision Bureau showed no concern for her life and sent her back to the detention centre. He even stated, "Anyone can be released for medical attention except Jiang Bai." He attempted to sentence her to a labour camp.

On June 26th, Jiang Bai's family learned that she was at the Daqing Petroleum Hospital. Her elderly parents came to visit her. They found that she was handcuffed to her bed. Her legs were covered with bruises and were swollen. She was being given oxygen and could not talk, and just a little water almost choked her. In spite of her condition, she still had two police watching her.

On June 27th, 2007, Ms. Jiang's family went to request the Public Security Bureau and Subdivision to release their daughter, but they were refused. The officials stated that they would treat Ms. Jiang's illness but would not release her.

Jiang Bai passed away on June 28th, 2007. She died with 5-kilogramme shackles still on her ankles. The police were in a hurry to cremate her body in spite of her family's insistence on an appeal for justice.

Daqing Wolitun Public Security Subdivision:

Shang Ruichao, Director: 86-459-6707123, 86-459-6766633(h), 86-13936912299(m)
Zhang Yiqing, Deputy Director: 86-459-6765865, 86-459-6765668(h), 86-13704660187(m)
Daqing Detention Centre:
Du Zhenjiang, Director: 86-459-4617593, 86-459-4616098, 86-459-4667179(h), 86-13936726888(m)

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