Late Stage Stomach Cancer Disappears

My name is Yang Zhen and I'm 51 years old. In April 2002, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and in need of immediate surgery. However the operation had hardly begun when the surgeon refused to continue. I learned about this only after I woke up. The specialist said that I would not live for more than three months.

After leaving the hospital, I was not able to eat normally. Every sip of water I drank would make me vomit for some time. My stomach could not hold anything at all. Vomiting day after day, my muscles quickly atrophied. Severe malnutrition worsened my original femoral head necrosis. The muscles of my leg withered completely, and I looked like a skeleton wrapped in pale skin. I completely lost the ability to take care of myself. My family had already quietly prepared for my funeral.

I also clearly realised that I was going to die and that my days to live were numbered. When I felt I was just about to die and leave my family, the desire to live made me accept my friend's advice. I started to learn and practice Falun Gong, thinking I would just give it a try. As I studied the Falun Gong teachings in more depth, I started to observe some obvious changes in my body. The vomiting and pain were reduced, and I was able to hold down some food.

After studying the Falun Gong teachings and practising the exercises for just three months, I stopped vomiting. My legs were also recovering; before I couldn't even move my toes. Now I could practically walk with the support of a stick. At that time, I was totally convinced of the power of Falun Gong.

Now my stomach has completely recovered. My leg muscles that had become so withered have regained their full strength and even become more resilient than before. I can completely take care of myself, and I can even do some light housework. Before studying Falun Gong, I weighed less than 45 kilograms. Now I already weigh 55 kilograms.

I never dared to look in the mirror when I was ill, because I was afraid to see my ravaged face. Now my face is rosy, and I'm really healthy, both in mind and body. Hearing that I was still alive and doing well, the hospital director who operated on me was very surprised and sighed with emotion, "This is like a fairy tale."

It was Falun Gong that pulled me back from death's door and gave me a second chance at life.

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